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Question for Niner Fans

Would you rather bring back Atlanta and New Orleans (while not geographically close, were your divisional rivals) and get rid of Seattle and Arizona, or are you happy with the way the division aligns now? The reason why I ask is I find myself hating Denver and Oakland a lot more to this day. I feel like there is unfinished business with them and we don't belong here. I only hate SF because you are our only close geographical rival and if feels almost forced to me. What do you fans think?
IMO the Saints and the Falcons were doormats for so long that it was never really much of a rivalry. It would definitely be more interesting now given the talent level of those two teams.

I can tell the Seahawks are good rivals though because I really, really hate them.
I agree with Ninermedic while it would be nice to have a more competitive team in the division then the Cards I'm pretty happy with the way it is now.
If the Rams moved back to LA it would be an epic division
saints maybe. but the falcons never really a rival.

and i hate the ram for how far it is.

the division i would like is sea, ari, dallas. but am okay with stl.

but i am anticipating the rams becoming very good and think the NFC west will be what the east should have been the last 5 years.
It sucked because we had to make long road trips. The rivalries now feel 10x more intense
I would love to be able to woop The Cowboy's asses twice a year
Yeah I don't really hate the Seahawks yet. I feel like the only true rival in the division is the Rams. Just takes time though.
I would rather get rid of the seahawks fans from the webzone!
When I think about the Seahawks I immediately think AFC.

They just look like an AFC team. Maybe it's because they were.

Na, I like this rivalry that is beginning to brew between the hawks and Niners. Plus it would suck having to fly out to Atlanta and NO on a regular basis when we are already one of the most traveled teams in the league.
I like the geographic proximity of the NFC West now. For years the 49ers had by far the most mileage in the NFL they had to travel for road games.
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I think you're just bored tonight

But yeah, I like the way it is now (geographically) and like SonocoNinerFan, I would like it better if the Rams were back in LA. It makes more sense (traveling wise).

I always liked your team and rooted for them when they went up against their rivals in the AFC West. However, I don't like them anymore because a lot of their obnoxious/delusional fans... you're prolly not like that, but I dunno.

And I have to agree with most people, it's not really a real rivalry quite yet... the Lambs, yes, but the other two teams, not yet.
Ah, the seahawks fan doesn't want to play with the big boys any more.
I would want to go back to the AFC if I were the Seahawks too.

Kaepernick and the niners along with Fisher and the Rams are going to be a tough challenge.
Even the Cards have some good defense.
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