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Manningham heading no where, lowers base salary

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MM keeps saying he should be back by mid camp.
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don't hear that much in professional athletes anymore, super Mario is a good guy
He probably knows his knee is gonna keep him out longer than expected...Smart move on his part to avoid being cut
Originally posted by iLL49er:
hence i ask.

he either restructured which means he converted salary into a signing bonus and reduced his cap hit for this year


he took an out right pay cut due to lack of leverage

which is it

It had to be a pay cut, in some form or another. This is the last year on his contract, so there is no way to lower his cap number w/out some form of pay cut. If AB is correct (which would be no surprise), they can eliminate some incentives to drop the cap number without affecting his base salary. If the incentives did not add up to the total amount of the decrease in his cap #, then his base salary had to take a hit.
After dropping over $2k on SB last year, as a new Yorker do I drop another $3k to watch a SB win live?!?

This is sooooo awesome N the draft hasn't even happened!
Just read on twitter it was a salary cut
Good move by him and the front office
Nice. Team player. f**k you Dashon. This is how it is done.
Glad he gets to stick around..Really like him
Originally posted by TexasGuero49:
Glad he gets to stick around..Really like him


Originally posted by SportsFan:
Nice. Team player. f**k you Dashon. This is how it is done.

This .... X1000000000000000000000000000000

Dude has sick hands....just can't seem to stay healthy. If he manages to this season, imagine Crabs, Boldin, and Ham all on the field at the same time.

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Really glad we didn't cut him. Hope he comes back close to 100% cause the dude has super glue on his hands.
Should have added a few yrs to his contact I luvd when we signed him last yr N he was having a good yr for us til he got hurt glad he'll be around another yr ...
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