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49er Draft Do-Over: Alex Smith Edition

49er Draft Do-Over: Alex Smith Edition

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Obviously Rodgers

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Every single team in every single year "could have had a better draft". Looking back does no good.
I wanted Rogers then...I don't see why I would want to change my mind now...

More over, I wanted to trade out of the #1 spot even at a loss of value...who knows what other player we might have picked up with even just an extra 2nd? Maybe Jay Ratliff?
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Originally posted by pahlerbj:
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Obviously Rodgers


Of course... It doesn't matter how you are developed just depends on the player... If Aaron Rodgers goes #1 overall to a talent deprived 49ers team and then thrown in right away... I bet Arron Rodgers goes 11-1 instead of Smiths 1-11. Because the success of Rodgers has nothing to do with consistent coaching, sitting and learning and playing with top offensive weapons.
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Originally posted by OldJoe:
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
I doubt Rodgers would be as great as he is right now (basically locked in as a future HoFer) if he had Mike Nolan coaching and our s**tty team around him from year 1 instead of sitting and learning behind Brett Favre for 3 years and then having Mike McCarthy, that system, and all that talent around him.

No one will ever know, but you can't just assume Aaron Rodgers would still be a future HoFer if we drafted him instead of Alex. The 49ers in 2005 was the worst situation possible for a rookie QB to come in to.

I have seen offensive lines (bad ones) hurt QBs ... I never have bought this argument that multiple coaches will destroy a player. How is it a disadvantage of playing for multiple great coaches? I do not believe Joe Montana would have suffered playing for Martz, McCarthy, Turner, Harbaugh. I suspect we would be saying "he is the greatest of all time because he took advantage of learning from many great minds".

I'm not talking about just coaches.

Obviously Mike Nolan was a terrible coach but I'm talking about having Kwame Harris as your starting RT, Kevan Barlow as your running back, Billy freaken Bajema as your TE, and Johnnie Morton and 2005 version of Brandon Lloyd as your starting receivers.

I'm not trying to defend Alex, I'm just saying you can't expect Aaron Rodgers to be as great as he is now if we drafted him considering how completely different the situation was here in 2005 compared to how it was with the Packers.
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It's been said best that hindsight is always 20/20..... So who is to say that Nolan/Singletary wouldn't have ruined Aaron Rodgers? Considering our coaching staff on those lean years, the only player in that poll I think they don't ruin is DeMarcus Ware.....
Ware. I honestly think Nolan would've ruined Rodgers the same way they did with Alex.
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oh look an Alex vs Aaron thread. we've argued this ad nauseum.
why is this a thread?

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