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Your reasons for why we lost

Hey Jeff~

Thank you for bringing these egregious calls to the attention of the Zone (and hopefully the NFL!!)... Just disgraceful... I was most disappointed in the commentators for not bringing these non-calls up, particularly the one on the kickoff return, which to me, was the absolute game-breaker. You didn't even mention the offensive pass interference non-call when Culliver was about to make a pick the Raven's receiver mugged him. That ended up costing the Niners a TD...

Now, all of that said, the Niners made a boatload of mistakes and all of those were very costly. They didn't really play well. However, the Ravens also made a bunch of mistakes and they just got their asses handed to them in the second half.

I'm just saying if the Niners get just 2 of the calls you mentioned...the one on the kickoff return (obvious) and the off-sides on the 2-point conversion (also obvious), it is an entirely different game...and one the Niners probably win.
lets see, a crappy 1st half again which put us in a huge hole once again.

- qb throws a terrible pick that gave them excellent field positon to score.
- qb almost throwing a pick 6 on the very next drive, so that the coachs then run up the gut on 3rd and long forcing a punt from deep in our end.
- running back fumbles as we are driving taking away possible points.
- a defense that not only bent but broke and didn't force FG's instead of td's.
- a special teams blunder costing 7.
- db's not engaging the wr's at the line and thus giving a free release, which killed us on the deep balls.
- not getting the 2 point conversion, terrible play calling and terrible throw.
- terrible clock management by the qb and the coach.
- terrible coaching at times on both sides of the ball.
- some bad calls by the refs.
I'm more upset about the no call on Boldin when he facemasked the defender while he ran for more call and it would have killed a scoring drive.
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Originally posted by jeff49:
Any other ideas, other than the intelligent Raven fan above?


What makes you think I'm a Ravens fan? Like the above poster said, what kind of answers did you expect? You know the answer, so why ask?

Just sick of the excuses being made from the officiating. It's not why we lost. We killed ourselves with countless mental errors. Sorry If I'm coming across as a jerk, but I'm a little frustrated with the loss.

Acting like these no calls didn't directly affect the outcome of the game is ridiculous.
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Originally posted by Jcool:
Originally posted by Leathaface:
Do you have any idea how unique of an offense he has built for us? Were those last 4 playcalls terrible? Yes. Is he still one of the best OCs in the NFL? Absolutely.

He's not going anywhere and I'm glad.

From just watching the game last night you think what the heck was Roman thinking with those last 4 plays .. But once you slow it down on replay, you notice that Kaep really miss played the 2nd and 3rd down plays. He had open receivers, he had Crabtree open to at lest set up an easy TD and had Walker open for a TD if he doesn't get rid of the ball so fast. I think a lot of 49ers fans just don't want to watch the post game stuff so they missed seeing those last four slowed down.
no matter how you slice it, no matter how you spin it, no matter how much you try to protect roman. first and goal on the 7 with one of the best runners in the game, one of the best running qbs in the game, a good runner in dixon and a massive offensive line and you call 3 roll out pass plays in a row is beyond stupid and cute. that is the stregnth of this football team. why on earth in that situation, in that moment, on that stage in that game would you not at least ONE time try to pound it off tackle behind our line which has been doing so very well and was getting stronger as the game went last night??? i love people here who are ok with what happened cuz it is a "learing experience" for roman. " he will learn from this and do better next year".. jesus losing a winnable super bowl is not my idea of "learning"
dJ, don't get sucked in by thinking all the spots for new HC are taken. Big Jer in Dallas just said that Jason Garrett would no longer be calling the O plays. What jerry jones didn't say was Garrett may be out of a job with roman as new HC. That would be a sucker deal with owner picking OC,
DC, GM(himself)...but somebody who would take a sucker job like that would deserve the consequences. No, i don't have any info on big jer that is inside info. But he hasn't grabbed the spotlite for awhile and selecting roman as his HC would put big jer back on the front page. We'll see, but i won't be surprised if it happens.
Originally posted by Jakemall:
I'm more upset about the no call on Boldin when he facemasked the defender while he ran for more call and it would have killed a scoring drive.

Almost like Harbaughs comment earlier this season, "It's not impossible to throw the ball when your helmet is turned and you're looking out the side of the ear hole, but it makes it a lot harder", buts more like its not impossible to tackle someone when staring at the top of your helmet but it does make it alot harder. lol
Originally posted by JR80Forever:
I know Roman's play calling was suspect at the end, but lets be honest, we lost the game in the 1st half. We ended up losing by 3 in the end and we would have been ahead had we not made those mistakes. LMJ fumble would have resulted in either 3 or 7 points, we were driving. Instead the Ravnes get the ball and score. The Kaep INT resulted in points for Ravens and then there was the Kickoff Return. All 3 resulted in points for the Ravens that were uncharacteristic moves by the Offense and Special Teams. So the defensive Secondary gets exposed due to the costly mistakes of the Offense/Special Teams. Not trying to shift the blame from Roman on the final drive, just stating an opposing view.

Did we score a TD in the first half? Roman sucks
Originally posted by blizzuntz:

And Whitner. And, Mr I-ain't-gettn-clocked-for-no-homey, f**k-if-imma-raise-my-arms-to-catch, Moss

So when do we find out if Roman gets fired? (god I hope he does)
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Originally posted by blizzuntz:

And Whitner. And, Mr I-ain't-gettn-clocked-for-no-homey, f**k-if-imma-raise-my-arms-to-catch, Moss

Yep.. Blame s**t on Culliver and Whitner! and Brooke was pentily when he was too eary to go but it was pentily that ravens got td score 7 scores in first half..It was cost s**t by brooke!
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Originally posted by luis1985:
So when do we find out if Roman gets fired? (god I hope he does)
if the team had any brains we would have found out after the ten pm news last night
- Pass defense breakdowns put us in a huge hole. Some of the Culliver mistakes were almost unforgivable.
- Bad play calling on the last sequence at first and goal at the six yard line.
- Ravens made some huge plays - that third and a half yard throw to Boldin where Rodgers was totally on him was a back-breaker.
- Silly mistakes early - Crabtree lining up wrong on the first play of the game basically got the first half going - that's a 25 yard swing. Brooks' offside allowed their first TD.
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