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What Will Be The Final Score And Who Will Win


Niners win with Aker's last second game winning FG.
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Originally posted by WhySoSerious:
49ers 12
Ravens 6

9ers unexpectedly win the field goal battle through the leg of Alex Smith.
I would think the 49ers would be more likely to get 12 from two missed extra points than making 4 field goals right now.
35-24 Niners
This game makes me nervous as he// , could easily go either way. I believe in my team though 27- 17 Niners.
24-23 niners
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Niners 24-23 Akers kicks game winning FG. LOL OK.. Maybe thats a stretch.

Shlt you beat me to it
31-27 niners
31 - 3 49ers
35 - 20

Game starts out tough/equel, but we wear 'em down, and just start getting dominating scores in the 4th on Frank's legs like the Packers game.

Ravens 42
49ers 7
31-17 Niners. oh but if we do have a close game and have to rely on Akers we lose.
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26-20 Ravens with 2mins left. Niners get the ball back and Kaep leads a touchdown drive. 27-26 49ers Win!
42-3, Ravens.


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