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What Will Be The Final Score And Who Will Win

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Since the Ravens beat the Broncos and Patriots on the road in the play-offs I have a lot of respect for them. Been a fan for 40 years now and was always confident in an easy 49er victory in the other 5 Super Bowls we have been in. I think this one will be a nail biter, going with the 49ers 24-20, yes Akers will make a field goal.
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Oh boy... here we go...

I'm going to say 31-20 Niners take home #6
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Colin Kaepernick - 1 million

Ravens - 0

Will be close throughout the game

35 - 31

27-21 49ers

Defense holds them off in the end with a 4th down sack for the title!
kill me but i'm scared to death

ravens win 24-14 ......we will succumb to the deep ball
27-17 niners
This maynot turn out to be the final but theres no doubt in my mind this superbowl is ours

21-20 NINERS

david akers make the field goal.
35-20 Ravens

CK wil lead The Drive II

Moss will make crucial catch on TDII

Gore will drag Ray Lewis over the goaline for the GWTD to punctuated TDII

20-16 49ers (as in SB XXIII)
Originally posted by valrod33:
35-20 Ravens

5-1 in superbowl game?
Originally posted by valrod33:
35-20 Ravens

it pains me to agree the ravens roll
Too early for me on this yet. Both teams score in 20's. I'll say that. One team high 20's. One low 20's
Originally posted by valrod33:
35-20 Ravens

im panicking here!!!!Cant watch the 49ers lose a superbowl
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