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Which Baltimore player on defense do you fear?

Which Baltimore player on defense do you fear?

Kruger and Ngata
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Kruger and maybe Suggs, I ain't scared of their secondary though we have the speed and veteran talent in Moss that will take care of that, Though i am scared of Torrey Smith more than Boldin, It's kinda like how i felt about the Atl game Julio Jones scared me more than Roddy, But we shut them down the 2nd half and the rest is history.
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Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Pollard. Brother brings a full load of wood to contact.

And he's injured a bunch of players.
Reed.. Scares me

He can make Kaep look stupid
Suggs. If he has a big game our offense goes nowhere.

Ngata. if Goody has trouble with him our run offense goes nowhere. Read option isnt a threat if the middle of the field is also clogged up
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Got to be Suggs. If he is applying constant pressure off the edge, we may be in trouble.
Lewis is still very good but he doesn't make may plays behind the line and the Niners don't throw deep to WR's that often so Reed may be easier to avoid.
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In a barfight, Ray Lewis but if I was a chick I would say Suggs.
Lewis is too s**t because he love to hit hard and too dirty when refs gave him the foul then R.Lewis is stubborn and speak his team players defense would hit hard too. I knew that his team always support to him cuz Lewis is leader the defense and s**t beasts! If they hit hard for us then go back to them too! The 49ers defense have a beasts too when they have Willis, Goldson and Whitner when they can hit hard too! Go Niners!
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Originally posted by almondJoy:

Yep that is right!! ... The Ravens know the 49ers is s**t too good and too strong our team.. Go Niners!

Ngata - he can more immediately impact the running game. A guy named Ellerbee is pretty damn good too.
Basically anyone that is starting tbh. Pollard has been a train lately, Ray Lewis can come out anytime, any day, Suggs is Suggs, and Ngata is nearly the best NT in the NFL at the moment. This Defense held its own against the Broncos and the Patriots, sure Denver and New England kicked themselves a bit, but we can not deny that Defense was a solid piece of it. But fear is the wrong word as many have said, Im concerned but not as much as you think. I honestly think this game is going to be really good and really close.
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Suggs could easily have an MVP type game.
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