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Which Baltimore player on defense do you fear?

Which Baltimore player on defense do you fear?

I would have to say Reed. He reminds me of Lott by the way he's always in position to make a play. He does everything and does it well.

Suggs pre-injury would have been my first choice, but he's not quite the same after the achilles injury. His first step explosiveness was phenomenal. And we all remember what he did that cold Thursday night last year.
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You need to add "none" to the poll
I would say Reed. But the more I'm thinking about it, not sure.
I don't fear one specific player. but I am cautious of Reed. That guy makes plays outta nowhere sometimes.
add Suggs
Originally posted by Jcool:
You need to add "none" to the poll

Their defense has regressed a little from last year, much like ours. But Balt is always in the right position and hardly make mistakes.
As Gruden once said, you just have to be better than the man you're lining up across.
You need to add Suggs to that list
Originally posted by GameOver:
You need to add Suggs to that list

I know. I talked about him then forgot to put him on the option lol

Just put him as "other"
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Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
add Suggs

Lol this. Seriously, how was it left off ?

None of them, really. Suggs looks a lot different than last time we played them. But together, they are still a good defense.
Adalius Thomas <<he's a beast, 260lbs can move around like a gazelle.
Other. I respect the Ravens, but I do not fear them. They are beatable. It's up to the coaching staff to devise a gameplan to beat them and our players to execute that gameplan.
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All of the above plus Suggs.
wow i can't believe how underrated the best NT in the league is.
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