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Which Baltimore player on defense do you fear?

Which Baltimore player on defense do you fear?

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The 49ers need to dominate the line and run the ball on these guys. If they get behind then the Ravens will attack with extra rushers.
Ray Lewis' GOD.
Pollard by far he seems to have a dirty skill of injuring key players when you need them most.
How about this:

Which 49ers defensive players are the Ravens more scared of?
Ngata is all over the place inconsistent. He didn't have a great year.

Jimmy Smith was the best player on that defense I saw yesterday.
none really.
Suggs and Kruger if I had to pick 2.

Lewis and Reed aren't the same players.
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Ray L. I'm a hard core 49er but also a football fan love to watch monday night football all playoff games. Ray was a bad man got a lot of respect for him so I fear hes leadership this is hes last game so he will be playing that card!
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David Akers.

That's the only thing I fear in this game.

lol ...

All those guys are nearly 30 or far passed it. Suggs probably the most feared and he is just as old.

Seriously their defense is aged so much it's crazy. I like our odds against the old folks home in this one.
Ed Reed because he's from The "U" and was Frank Gore's team mate on that National Championship team.
Originally posted by Dshearn:
Ray Ray is talking to invisible having a two way conversation ....that disturbs the hell out of me
Was going to Ray Lewis was a step too slow and doesn't worry me too much until I read this. Haha.
Suggs is the x-factor on that D. We contain him like we did Clay Matthews, and the win is ours.
Ngata is a beast, but Reed can dupe Kaep if he is not careful.
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