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That was a hold.
f**k the Ravens in the mouth...........
So numb
Reasons we lost:

1. Roman's crap play calling
2. Secondary is horrible
3. Bad game mgmt.
4. Bad no call by the ref in the end zone play.
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Good comeback try. If we'd gotten one or two calls made correctly, the outcome could be different.
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i feel sick.....we lost our 1st super bowl....omg
Call me unimpressed right now. All hype!
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Hold wasnt the issue... Terrible play calling did us in....
F Lewis. Glad the piece of sh$t is out of the league.
HORRIBLE OFFICIATING HORRIBLE OFFICIATING. Ill never ever get over the huge hold on Jacoby's return TD. That was so blatant. SO balatant and was the difference in the game. we played one hell of a second half

Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
Alex would have won this...

Alex wouldn't be here

#San Fran5-1
F**k Ray Lewis... The murdering douchebag.
Gotta give Flacco credit, he played a brilliant game and extended drives when it looked like he was toast.
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why did gin not fair catch the f**king ball?

and we lost because of a f**kjing terrible no call.
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