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Originally posted by niners94:
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
We are winning this s**t

You must be drunk? We're dead.

5-1 baby. Now were nothing special!
Plenty of time to come up with a good play for 3rd down
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
Our player are yawning on the bench

The can't wait for another late night/early morning romp on Bourbon street!
Kaep got this
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
honestly bruh, things are bad enough. can ya'll please stop with all the Smith talk.

Truth be told we wouldnt be here without his 6-2, then after the benching, we wouldnt be here without Kaep either.

Kaep is gonna have to throw throw throw. just that simple. any run s**t, and we just dig ourselves and lose. cant comeback with almost 3 to 4 tds by running the ball.
I bet you were salivating hoping for an opportunity where you can come in with your sarcasm! You're not fooling nobody I'll be glad when the day comes when fake fans like you will follow Alex to his next team!
Saints turned out the light as a big f u to roger goodell
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49ers 57 Baltimore 30
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
Kaep is 9-14 168 0TD 1int

His pocket presence, reads, runs and anticipation are real bad. He hasn't been set up for success with the defense, but he's completely lost this game. He's skiddish and scared and its still the 3rd quarter.

This is like his 10th start. He has less experience than any starting QB in SB history.

Are you defending him? Or the fact our brilliant coach thought a QB with 10 starts could win a SB?

Or do you think this was a rookie mistake by our coach?
LOL...the utility company is already playing defense: Entergy New Orleans ‏@EntergyNOLA Power issue at the Super Dome appears to be in the customer's side. Entergy is providing power to the Dome.
At least Akers is on fire............

Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Moss failed to finish his route; interception, 49ers showing no heart, no hustle, now it's 28+. -Can't believe this team, no heart, no hustle.

maybe the media days were a clue, the Niners got caught up in the circus and said some odd things. Moss, Culliver both have played bad.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Bruce Miller was double teamed and held badly on that return. His shirt got pulled and all. That s**t wasn't called

Yeah, saw that too.
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Originally posted by VC49erFan:
Saints turned out the light as a big f u to roger goodell

We are being comprehensively beaten ...Offence Defence and special teams

Plus being out coached, shame this is happening in the Superbowl
Originally posted by Niners99:
This will be remembered as "The Power Outage Comeback".

Will be talked about for decades.

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