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I'm feeling alright. Lot sof time, and we have an amazing team. Win or lose, I'm cool. We are better than last year and we will be better next.
Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN I can see where people might've thought Jacoby Jones turned out the lights with that 109-yard TD return, but come on.
NFl said if your going to look like s**t in primetime we will just turn out the lights because you are sucking so much and we need to keep the ratings up.
last years team was just way more talented. this team out there today is just pathetic. i guess this is what happens when your best are out late going to strip clubs
Originally posted by Niners99:
Were down 22, not 42...

Its not likely we comeback, but its possible.

Lets be real. Not only do we have to worry about stopping their offense, but now we have to worry about their special teams running back TD's or even giving them good field position.

About the only good thing on our side is Akers kicking well.
Guys need to switch on the lights in their heads. We are marching down the field then we chop our own feet from under us in turnovers and now that return kick. The Ravens are just capitalising on our mistakes. We have to stop the self-inflicted shots.
I'm surprisingly not even nervous.
This is embarrassing... The first niners team to get whooped in SB...I'm so sick right now... This is painful to watch. Way worse than that 2-14 season.
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At least it won't be only the ass kicking their giving the Niners that they'll be talking about.
maybe the Niners will think they are at Candlestick now.
Next year. Got to get some better corners, iron out the kinks on offense, and we'll be a contender again.

But yeah, 5-1 in SBs sucks. Im used to being referred to as "the team that never loses Superbowls". No more.
Originally posted by wysiwyg:
Reminds me of the Steelers MNF

Really? How come?
Damn disgrace. New Orleans will never get a SB again.
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