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Kaep has to run run run--he has nothing to lose!
Welcome to the Jim Harbaugh era, the KARMA era, we're gonna go all the way in lose, every time.
What the hell you all really think Alex smith could have gotten us this far???im embarrassed as a niner fan
Well, it was a good season. Can't believe the 49ers are playing this terrible on such a big stage. This is Chargers bad.
This feels horrible.
This sucks, feel bad for frank and Cowboy
God I am sick to my stomach. f**k
What a way to go out.... On the national stage... Embarrassed by the godsend Lewis...
Originally posted by mryan1004:
Kaep will be a very good qb, it is just too soon for him right now, we have to digest being 5-1 in the superbowl

We have no momentum on our side AT ALL. No way we can comeback in this big of a deficit.
Ok, this is my sour grapes moment and then I am done. I hate Phil Simms. I didn't like him during the Thanksgiving game, I don't like him during the Super Bowl, and I hated him when he played for the Giants. He either overstates the obvious, or he says something really stupid. I can't even stand the sound of his voice. Why god do I have to listen to him while the 49ers are losing a Super Bowl. I have not given up on the game, but this really sucks.

Originally posted by socalfan21:
Hahah we have taken a MAJOR step back today.

nope. the opposite. this experience will serve them well.
This sucks so much ass.
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Talk about light's out for the Niners.
Were down 22, not 42...

Its not likely we comeback, but its possible.
atleast goodell might b half as embarrassed as we r
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