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Seriously, John has balls enough to call fake FG, but Jim can't even pass it on 3rd down? Reminds me of Dan Reeves.
It is bugging me that the official color of the superbowl seems to be purple. Even the Niners logo was mostly purple on the halftime set. Wtf?
We were actually getting whipped a little worse by Atlanta. There is no way we can win this game if we give up those hail mary passes and easy touchdowns. Our defense is on the field far too long and it's showing with the missed tackles and blown coverage. Our only prayer is to get them off the field fast and get a quick TD and maybe a turn over. Otherwise we are f**ked.
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pretty much. It's going to be a very long offseason

what did joe say

Joe said if this years Niners team played the 89 Niners it would be bad for this years team.
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Why is it so easy for teams to pass on us? We can't even slow them down now and obviously offense isn't going to bail us out. The only positive I have seen is that Akers looks like he can kick again. Besides that it looks like we want the Ravens to win this one.

Like half time guys said..49ers secondary is horrid...

I've said all year that we need new corners. I got blasted for it, too. Maybe next time some of you idiots will actually believe what I say. I'm always right. I'm telling you. Believe it.
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Anyone thinking we can pull out an ATL miracle and hold them no nothing 2nd half ?

Were only down 2 scores. Can be done.

We can still do this, but this team has to come out focused. -These guys look tired, no effort, something seems off.
Take a deep breath, regroup and get ready for a great 2nd half! GO 49ers!!!
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damn beyonce is so damned fine

lawd have mercy
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Complete lack of pass rush is what's killing us, Flacco has all day to launch it long.

He's getting pressured, problem is even when he's rushed our secondary still can't cover and he just throws s**t up and it's completed. The secondary has been the major problem culliver and Whitner being the culprits

Yeah, you're right, Fred. I'm usually a blame the pass rush first kinda guy, but we're getting beat by playground baloney.

Get on the floor biieach!!!!
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Thing is our offense was playing lights out in the second quarter against Atlanta, they aren't against Baltimore.
Yea the secondaru is getting killed. ..good coacjing from bmore. ..they are attacking whitner and culliver and winning...the 2 turnovers hurt badly tho....bad combo
Think I will go watch some porn
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This isn't only on the D so stop blaming them, the O hasn't done anything to help

its just one big clusterf**k

This has gone exactly the opposite way I thought it would.
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