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Worried About the Niners Passing Game

I think we all would love to see someone step up as a 2nd or 3rd receiving option .. Ginn,Jenkins or whoever it may be ...if the coaches are that worried about it I dont think its too hard to get those guys involved .. Ginn hasnt run the fly sweep all year .. they could break that back out .. they could throw a bubble screen or quick screen to Jenkins if they were that worried about getting him involved and this may be the game they elect to do that .. we'll see .. i personally don't believe Jenkins is a bust I havent seen the guy play .. I don't think Ginn sucks either .. i think he's a bit lackadasical at times but he has talent and speed and his # could be called this Sunday ... for all we know the Falcons maybe playing into our hands by doubling Crabtree and trying to contain Kap .. Harbaugh and Roman may have something in store for them and unleash Ginn/Jenkins .. never know but I think we have enough weapons to win
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With the running game playing the way it did vs GB and how I think it should perform vs ATL, the passing game only needs 2 legit targets imo. The offense is still a power running offense first and foremost. I think the key is DWalker as scary as that may sound. The guy seems to get open and Kap definitely looks his way regardless of how many drops he's had. Walker is just going to have to bear down and make those catches, plain and simple. ATL should be doubling Crabs and will force Kap to look elsewhere. Walker is the guy that seems to beat his single coverage.

I feel Kap will face a lot of zone coverage vs ATL. If the 49ers use the pistol formation with the read option as a threat, Kap will have plenty of time to survey the field and pick apart the coverage. The ATL DEs will have to curb their aggressiveness in pass rushing due to the threat of Kap rushing around the end. This makes pass protection easier for Staley/ADavis. Kap needs to stay patient even when the internal clock of standing in the pocket seems to have expired.
Ok here is the deal. If Nolan does anything smart it would be a spy (most Likely a LB) for Keap. If he does that it will limit his ability to double Crabs, but he still can. The only problem is Atlanta's Lb's cannot cover at all. Vernon and Delanie should find huge holes all through the defense. Did anyone see what the Seahags did to the Falcons with their TE. Miller is decent but not as athletic as Vernon and while I scream more at Walker than any other player out there he is open all the time which says something in its self. The biggest key to this game is our defense against Ryan and the Falcons offense.
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