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Bring back Moss?

He can EAD.
I would look at as many free agent options as possible. He wasn't a producer last year, it's less likely he'll be one this year. I say we go New England. Two tight ends, but for actual passing.
ya no thanks to Moss. it didn't work last year.
I say yes bring him back if he were to sign I project the opening day line up to be Boldin Moss Patton that would be a pretty good receiving core. And through out the season Manningham Williams and Crabtree will slowly come back into the offense. If moss were to sign I'm sure he would want a guaranteed role in the offense before he were to sign anything.
No. Lets move foward not stagnate. He was good last year for the young receivers, now however is the time to move foward with the youngsters and see what they got. give them a chance and force Kaep to adopt like all good QBs should. Let the young wrs develope, from Lockette to Jenkins and Patton. Manningham and Williams will be back. Moss will not produce anymore than anyone one else on the roster. It will be a waste of roster spot and playing time and valuable experience for the young ones. Also, the coaching staff can be innovative. Use LMJ like how the Rams and Seahawks will use Tavon and Harvin.

Growing pains, but in the long run it'll be better for the team especially since after this year may be Crabs last anyway. You need to find out what you got. We will be okay.
No, we have a talented group of young WRs that desperately need to get on the field to gain experience and confidence. Moss was very average and he's not the playmaker he once was. A young player will be just as valuable as a receiver and would most likely give us a better run blocker downfield.

Personally, I'd rather have the younger, hungrier player on the field. I've always been a fan of Moss', but he's over the hill.
There's always T.O.

Not just yet. They need to test the young guys in camp. If another WR gets hurt or they young guys don't look like they can get the job done then sign him. Moss knows the offense so there will be no learning curve. I don't think any other team is going to be knocking on his door anytime soon.
A last resort maybe, but I would try to do anyting but this.
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I would bring him back.

Looking at all the unsigned FA WR's Moss wouldn't be at the top of my list. One name that jumped out at me was Brandon Lloyd. He's younger than Moss and has been productive in recent seasons. Sure, he'd have to learn the offense, but he's been around enough to do that.
The 49ers almost gotta brink back Moss, if they don't, defenses are gonna cheat up at the LOS and stymie our run game. This is a HUGE blow DANG!!! dANG!! Hopefully somehow he can comeback by November somewhat and we'll hopefully be fighting for a division lead. About Moss, we almost should bring him back but this time, we should actually throw to him more. Even tho he's a geezer, he still drew a Lot of double teams.
I don't see Moss as anything better than a so-so #3 WR option at this option, and best off, a #4 option, I liked having him in terms of his knowledge, being an inspiration in the locker room, but I wouldn't expect him to do any better than he did last year, he's just not the same player as he once was, there's flashes from time to time, but nothing you can rely on.

Jenkins is the guy who will be the deep threat that teams will have to respect, hope the 49ers have that mindset going forward.
JH pretty ruled it out at the presses today....

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
JH pretty ruled it out at the presses today....

I hope they are going full-speed ahead with the youth movement, let Jenkins and Patton develop into absolute beasts and just tear s**t up.
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