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Whos the most important player who has to step up for our playoff run?

Akers has to really step it up. If he was playing at the level he did last year then we get two wins back on the board (both rams games) and we are assured a bye plus potentially the one seed.
Obviously the answer is Kap.
Kap needs to play like he made a deal with the devil and he's trying to steal his first born child. Aldon Smith would be my next option.
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QB position, I say position as I am wondering if Harbaugh is even considering going back to Alex. If I were him, I would, Kaepernick is going backwards instead of forwards.
the defense needs to get their s**t straight. dont worry about CK7 he gonna be money come playoffs.
GeepMoRoman need to manage kaep and the O better as a whole. its just kind of hard to bash him when he hasnt even been a starter for a complete season.

BigMac and frenchy need to pick up the and fill in as best as possible for the void that cowboy left on the front line.

Originally posted by SJniner7:
Kap is definitely going to need to play well to succeed in the playoffs. Akers is likely second. With JSmith being out, we may be giving up some points. It does not appear that Aldon gets a ton of pressure without JSmith around. If this is the case, our defense will be giving up 20+ points per game. Kap will be the key to our success.

This post season will be all about Kap's performance. He will really have to step up his game for the playoffs.

This. The D is awesome and if they have to I believe we get by without Smith. Kaepernick must play like he did against the Bears
Top 5 In order: kap. Aldon smith. Akers. Carlos Rogers. Vernon davis. Of this list kap seems to be the most consistent. Only 1 average game in 6.

EVERYONE!!!!!! Coaches, Players, Heck even the ball boy! Go Niners!
1. Our offensive line as a whole. When Kaep gets time he can do wonders.
2. Randy Moss. Losing Manningham and Kyle Williams is unfortunarte. Randy has to show up the entire game instead of giving us 3 or 4 catches.
3. Ray McDonald. We can't rely on Aldon to be the only person putting pressure on the QB. The other side of the DL needs to contribute to the pass rush.
4. Colin Kaepernick. Needs to dial in those passes. He's missing receivers by inches on some of those throws.
5. Jim Harbaugh/Greg Roman. Hey what does it take to get the plays in on time? If you don't, CK is overly worried about the play clock instead of making his pre toss reads.
6. David Akers. Come on buddy we need you!
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Kaep and the offensive line. We need 6 minute drives to give the defense a breather. The explosive plays are great, but the team has been far too "feast or famine" recently. Feels like just about every drive is either a 3 and out or a 40 yard td, and we've really moved away from our inside running game too much. Get the ball to James on a wham play and let's see what he can do. Less sweeps and runs on the outside, and more on the inside where this offense's bread and butter is.
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