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Whos the most important player who has to step up for our playoff run?

Oh my god Akers.
Moss and VD
QB. He needs to play at an elite level.
Gire needs to be gire

Crabs needs to dominate
Carlos Rogers, teams have been picking on him for weeks. He is a much better player than he has shown. Akers also needs to step up he is a major factor in us not having the division wrapped up already.
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Aldon, AJ Jenkins & Randy Moss
On defense
Vic Famgio
On offense
Gregg Roman
RJF is Justin Smith can't go.
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oh, i forgot about VD, Gire, Kap, the O-line, D-line, Bowman, Patrick, Culliver, CR, Goldson, Whitner, #25,...akers, the punter, Big Dix!.....
Originally posted by pdizo916:
QB. He needs to play at an elite level.


the smith brothers on defense NO QUESTION ABOUT IT

David better kick for Akers!
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Kap. Needs to use Vernon. Especially now, He is our best weapon.
Kaepernick. Play smarter. Give the ball to Gore when all else fails.
Originally posted by lamontb:
The key to last year was that they could stop the run with the front 7 and they could use the safeties to always provide help over the top for Brown and Rodgers. That's why both played better last year. Now we have to commit a safety to help stop the run. That's why this team plays well vs teams like Detroit and GB. They can shut down the run with ease and keep safety help over the top allowing Rodgers and Brown to jump routes and be more aggressive. But a Seattle, Washington or Minnesota creates issues b/c they can run and pass.

For me it's Brooks. It can't be all on Aldon to get every single sack. Brooks needs to step up big time and create more pressures than offside penalties.

Minnesota is ranked dead last in passing yards, you take away Adrian Peterson and you take away everything from them.
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