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Does anyone still believe that we will win the SB this season?

Does anyone still believe that we will win the SB this season?

Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
Nah--only if our D bounces back to the level of play they were at last year -- with or without Justin Smith. I doubt this happens.

They were playing at a higher level than last year when Smith was in there. If he can get back I will feel more comfortable about the D. The injuries on offense are killing us right now.
No, last year was the year. I'll be absolutely shocked if we even get past the divisional round this time.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Losing the 2nd seed- Learning experience

Losing to the Rams- Learning experience

Playing like s**t against the Dolphins- Learning experience

fumbling the ball 4 times in one game- Learning experience

Running backwards into the endzone for a safety- Learning experience

Throwing into tripple and double coverage- Learning experience

Not throwing to a wide open Crabtree on a bubble screen- Learning experience

Calling an audible with 3 seconds on the clock- Learning experience

Having to simplify the offense at half time- Learning experience

Besides NE, throwing 1 td pass in garbage time in the last 4 games- Elite

Staring down receivers- Learning experience

Throwing across his body twice- Learning experience

Overthrowing receivers- Alex Smith experience

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I believe we have a good chance, sure.

We can beat anybody in the NFC... and certainly anybody in the AFC.

Everybody is high on the Seahawks. I think they'll implode on the road in a big game.

Every team in the playoffs has serious weaknesses. We're not different. So yeah, we have a good shot.
Originally posted by cciowa:
ONE GAME? I do not mean to be mean but come on man.. we sucked vs the rams, we sucked in two quarters vs the dolphins and played only two good quarters vs the pats, we lack the consistency other teams have right now. i also think justin is done for the year and the coaches are just dreading the day they have to announce that to the world.

We have been inconsistent all season (other than the W W L pattern), it didn't just start with the changing of the qbs. Come on now....
I believe we still have a shot at the Superbowl, but I don't expect it (i.e., significantly less than a 50% chance). We can beat any team in the NFL under any circumstances (we proved this in New England in December). However, this team still has not won 3 games in a row. Winning the Superbowl now likely would require us to win 4 in a row with at least 3 on the road, and, by definition, all of the teams will be amoung the best in the league. Pretty unlikely given our season.

However, again, I have to say that we have all the talent and coaching elements neccessary to go on a run. If somehow it comes together, then we can win it all.

...but I wouldn't want to put money on it happening.
NO --- why?

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I'm pretty sure if this was posted after our patriots win everyone will be saying the opposite, We are still going based on sunday nights game smh..If we get a 1st rd bye i see our chances being 90% the 10% is cause of our injuries, other than if we dont get the bye i'd still believe and have FAITH
It is amazing to see some here completely flip their stance on the team, players, coaches, etc. between each game. I feel we still have a shot at it. No team in the NFC is really that scary. If we get into any shootouts, we could be in serious trouble. I don't see Kap being able to overcome a shootout with how he has been playing as of late. We have also had significant injuries the past few weeks. We are heading into the playoffs pretty banged up, whereas teams like the Packers have gotten healthier. If we make it to the Super Bowl, I really like our chances against the AFC teams, but getting there will be very difficult.

If we return to the style of offense we executed in the Bears game, we will probably be better off. Roman has started adding all of this pistol stuff and I feel like it really messes with the system. I am not entirely sure that is Kap's strong suit.
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Depends on which team shows up! Although with all these late season injuries, are hope are dimming...

65% - NO

Niner Talk is always at its best after every loss
Originally posted by Irish40Niner:
We have been inconsistent all season (other than the W W L pattern), it didn't just start with the changing of the qbs. Come on now....

But why try to fix something that isnt broke??? I understand the need for Kaep as an injury replacement, but in my opinion, you can't lose your job due to injury. I definitely think Kaep is the future, but we dont know how the locker room was affected and continues to be. We've gone away from what got us to where we were, Gore, and look at us now, limping into the playoffs. If we dont keep true to our identity (running the rock), we're not going far.

Just think the road will be way tougher this year. We won up in GB, but that took us 20 years so the odds are stacked against us to go up there after their BYE, in the freezing cold, and do it again within 4 months of the Week 1 victory. We gameplanned well for that one, but GB will gameplan better for us a 2nd time around. The BYE is vital to them as much as it is to us and I think whoever gets the 2 seeds can go to the SB.
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My God. You guys act like 49ers lost the Super Bowl. We've got blown out before, and you guys sit here and act like the 49ers are deceased. However, when we win the next week, it's another side. Pointing out all the negatives-- where is the positives? Understand that Seattle had to win this game. We could had whooped their ass just like we did the Patriots. Their playoff dreams were in jeperody, and now they're being talked about in the media. I'm sort of satisfied they blown us out, because that only makes us the under dogs. When the 9ers are under dogs, we'll win the super bowl. We're a totally different team in the playoffs with Alex Smith or Kaep(beating up Bears, Saints, and Patriots). Now, Vikings are in the same situation Seattle was in. However, if Vikings don't win, I feel that 9ers can do what the Giants did lasts year.
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Packers will win it
even if gore
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