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what exactly is justin smith's injury

The injury likely will require surgery in the offseason, but Smith and the 49ers are hoping he can tolerate the pain enough to be effective during the playoffs. The 49ers would earn a first-round bye with a win Sunday at home against Arizona coupled with a loss by the Packers in Minnesota.Read more here:

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Fml!!! Game over man, game over!
This dude is such a f'n beast for even leaving the slight possibility that he may return for the playoffs. If anyone could do it, it would be him. Not sure how effective he would be though, and the chances seem slim. F**k... This is the last player on team, including QB, we could afford to be hurt. The drop off is ridiculous. Not only in talent and ability, in hustle, motor, smarts and just being the f'n anchor.
Maybe they are checking to see if he can play with one arm.
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X-rays says nothing, so it's not a broken bone. But if it's serious where he can't play for 1.5 games, then my guess is probably a tricep or bicep tear/partial tear. Either way, it doesn't look good

told u guys
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