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my preferred road to the superbowl

Originally posted by susweel:
I just wonna get there.

cowboys, green bay, giants or seattle in the first couple rounds because i hate all of them. then horse face and the broncos, Harbowl II or Master vs student (Harbaugh vs Luck). im not picky, as long as we win another superbowl i could care less who we beat
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Giants are not one of the best teams in the NFL this year. Sorry.

This "one of the BEST teams in the NFL" may not make the playoff this year.
I don't care who we face to get to the SB as long as we avoid the giants. They seem to have our number.
i want to beat peyton manning in the superbowl. how funny would that be? harbaugh would indeed have the last laugh.
Changed my mind. Giants suck! I want to beat seattle.
Don't lose again this season. That would cure it all.
Originally posted by nevadalove9ers2:
Changed my mind. Giants suck! I want to beat seattle.

Yea, I think blowing Seattle out in a playoff game is a very close second to winning the Super Bowl.
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