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2 wins in a row, Niners WILL lose next week

just do the math. Niners lose/tie every third week. Not to mention the likely injury to Justin Smith. This is a shame because I would like nothing more than to beat those seahags down in their own place.

The worst part about all this is that the Niners will probly end up losing in the NFC Championship game again.
we could tie next week
Pete Carroll must be stoked
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f**k that. we are gonna win next week. i hope we get maningham back.
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that wont happen with Kaep now starting full time.
Nope. We snapping that streak.
i thought this immediately, unfortunately
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If we lose and Green Bay wins out we get the 3 seed
Originally posted by pdizo916:

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Originally posted by Carhanu21:
just do the math. Niners lose/tie every third week.

The niners actually did do the math and came to the conclusion that this thread is gay.
b******t. That just means that we're due for a win.

This game still has huge playoff implications. With exception to the Giants game, the 49ers have been at their best when playing top competition.

We've already defeated Rodgers, Brees, and Brady ON THE ROAD. We will beat Seattle.