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Has the 2012 team played its best football yet?

Has the 2012 team played its best football yet?

Simple question and regardless of anyone's opinion or which QB you think can make it happen, the next two weeks better prove that answer to be NO!

We're all familiar with the bizarrely consistent pattern of WWL/T going back to week 1, and in most cases the wins were impressive, the losses were atrocious and the effort has been inconsistent. In my opinion our best COMPLETE wins in order have been . . . (I skew a little on degree of difficulty):

1. Green Bay-Week #1
2. Chicago-Week #11
3. Buffalo-Week #5
4. New Orleans-Week #12
5. Arizona-Week #8
6. Detroit-Week #2
7. Seattle-Week #7
8. NY Jets-Week #4
9. Miami-Week #14

The point is that we're kinda all over the place IMO . . . and I still think we played our best game on week 1, which isn't good. The win against Miami was nice, but a little meh. If the team is going to be a legit contender they HAVE to show it against New England . . . doesn't mean this is a must win, but they need to cut the stupid mistakes and play some legit Championship ball.
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We will see the best of this team these next 2 weeks.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
We will see the best of this team these next 2 weeks.

It has to be that way or we're going to be a Wild Card team . . . . this team is talented enough to run the table . . . only if they play their best ball.
Arizona, Chicago, and Buffalo were very impressive games.
No, and that's why this is frustrating. I think we came close against Chicago and Green Bay. Chicago was probably the most dominant performance of the year, een more than the Jets or Buffalo.
It better not have or we're in deep s**t
This team does not look all that good to me except on defense. Offense is average and special teams is sub par.
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I hope not.
No. I think the Packers were close to it but that was just the first game of the season and not a true indicator. We are still chasing perfection or close to it.

The Patriots beat the Dolphins a week earlier, by 7 points. We didn't play great against Miami, but I don't really think it's cause for panic. Plus, it's likely our guys were looking ahead a little to the Sunday night games.
Nope we should be by now buuuut we aren't. And I don't think we can just flick the switch on either..
No, we have been sloppy, and lacked the intensity we had last year. The way this team played last year was truly special, you don't get that every game let alone every season. Maybe now younger fans will understand the anger at KW for his fumbled punt returns, it takes a lot to get the top. We had better pull our heads out of our asses, if we are going to go anywhere this season! That said, I think this is the kind of game we can get up for, and dominate! So this week we need to play our best ball! Go Niners!
No, cause CK is too inexperienced to bring the best out of the offense. Even Jim Harb knows that, he just doesn't want to admit it yet.
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It won't happen if we can't snap the ball within the allotted time given, continue to waste timeouts, make proper adjustments at the line, be careless with the ball, miss FGs, drop passes, and continue to get penalized.
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