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Kap or Kaep?

Kap or Kaep?

Originally posted by BrianGO:
I use "Kaep" just so I don't forget how to spell his last name, Kaepernick.

This..but I want it simpler cause the sometimes I want to spell it Keap, the a and then the e is hard for me to remember, lol..but since I want simpler..maybe Kap. But do like CK7, a lame one someone came up with C Kaeptain, lol
Originally posted by CityKing415:

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Originally posted by StOnEy333:
If that's how you feel, THED.
You just made my point for me. Thanks.
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it's Kaep... because his name is spelled "Kaepernick" not "Kapernick".
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"Bo" because Colin's brother said so.
Originally posted by boast:
"Bo" because Colin's brother said so.

Originally posted by StOnEy333:
This. Kap said in an interview that it's spelled, Kap. Kap's dad, who gave him his last name, spells it Kap.

"If a man wants to be called Kap, god damn it, this is a free country. You should respect his wishes, and call him Kap"

"his momma spelled it Kaep, i'ma spell it Kaep" lol
Kap, too much effort to write the "e" every time
My mom calls him Humperdinck

Calvin Klein.

who gives a s**t? He'll be on the bench next season anyway.
It's Kaep. Where the hell did you put the E when you type out Kap?
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Krap. /endthread

Oh how I look forward to the day when gems like these can be pointed out and the poster made to feel silly....
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