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Week 13: Thoughts after rewatching the game...

Originally posted by bzborow1:
Thanks Marvin...I'm getting to the point I wait for this thread.

Some thoughts:

1. Kaepernick didn't play a horrible game as many on here seem to think. What I saw was frequent pressure followed with a big cushion to avoid the deep play. Kaep was being forced to make quick decisions and was largely contained when attempting to scramble. Having said this, he was able to complete at a decent rate and made some plays Alex never could have. I also like the rapport he's building with Manningham and Crabtree. I think St. Louis is building an attitude under Fischer and they are going to be a force in the near future. If Smith had started, I think we'd be staring at a 5+ sack game.

2. Marv's LMJ comment - I agree. The Rams closed the defense and were able to stuff the run effectively. We need more speed on the field...which begs the question, is LMJ really any good? The 9ers are going to play the best on game day and he can't beat out Jacobs or Dixon? For a second round pick that's disappointing.

3. Jenkins. They couldn't find one snap for him? Does he suck too?

4. Akers. I WANT to ditch him, but who do you replace him with? Two guys who are erratic and one who blew a chip shot for the Ravens? I'm hoping the law of averages works in the 49ers favor down the stretch and Akers bumps his numbers to career norms.

You are right about looking at 5 or so sacks with Smith in the game. I can tell you too right off the top.

1) He would have taken the sack instead of running all the way into the endozone to giving the Rams a safety.

2)The second one would have been on that rushed play with a bad snap. Instead of still trying to pitch the ball, which ended up being a TD for the Rams, he would have eaten it and taken another sack. I don't know about you but I can live with those.

Not being a Smith fan whatsoever, I must say I do miss his efficiency and safe play. But we are always looking for the greener grass I guess.

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Originally posted by johnnyredneat:
Great read as usual. I'd add a few points:
1. I'd definitely add that Kaep seemed to really struggle pre-snap. Not reading blitzes, frantic audibles with 2 seconds on the play clock, constantly burning time outs. We burned all our timeouts to avoid delay penalties in what was a close game throughout. Ultimately didn't have an impact, but could absolutely have cost us the game. This is another thing that took a while to sort out when AS was the QB.
2. We're built to run the ball and throw short/medium timing routes. It's the way the whole team is constructed, it's how we've played since Harbaugh became coach. It's what we've practiced every day for two years. Changing to a more downfield vertical stretch offense isn't going to be an easy process.
3. A screen or two would have been nice against their constant up-the-middle A-Gap blitzes.

I was screaming for a screen a few times during the game ,,the rams were not into any position to defend it.. the DB"s were playing so far back and the LB's were stacking the box..but we kept slamming up the middle..
Originally posted by Marvin49:
So, I was too annoyed to wait until later to rewatch the game. Watched it again immediately.

1) Kaepernick: Lets everyone chill out for a sec. Nobody thought he was going to be perfect in every game this year. That's not the reason he was made the starter. First, the Intentional Grounding WASN'T intentional grounding. The ball started on the far hash and he was outside the tackle box. He threw the ball beyond the LOS. Lets not put a clear missed call on him. Second, the lateral. Bad play. No defending it, but lets be real here for a sec. Harbaugh/Roman NEVER should have called that play to begin with. The pitch itself was a "young QB" mistake and he's going to make those. He did enough tho to make up for it and if Delanie Walker can catch the damn ball he wins the game. Kaep STILL made plays that Alex could never make...and I say that as an Alex FAN. He escaped the rush on what would have been sacks several times...including the 50 yard run. He made throws Alex would never make (the outs to Crabtree and Manningham come to mind). It looks like the Rams were very concerned with Kaep completing passes deep down the field and were playong off for most of the game. Thats why the Niners were having success underneath. Kaep (just has he has in his last 2 starts) played very well on third down.

2) Play Calling: I am a Greg Roman fan. I've defended him time after time on this site. This game pissed my off from beginning to end. Ya know what Greg? Good things happen when Kaep gets to throw the ball. The pitch was a HORRIBLE call. Horrific. Almost as bad was the playcalling in overtime. They got the ball at the 50 and never took a shot. They have a QB now who can make those throws. You gotta use him. I also saw it in the red zone....2 runs that go nowhere, Kaep throws it to convert. Maybe try throwing it earlier

3) Defense: Great Game. They got let down by poor play on offense. They got pushed around a few weeks ago vs Jackson and made up for it today. Much better game.

4) Run game: Outside of a few plays at the beginning, they largely got shut down. Even thought they weren't having success, they just kept bashing against that brick wall. THROW THE DAMN BALL. Kaep can make plays Alex couldn't. LET HIM. I'm not saying stop running altogether. I'm just saying that sometimes one aspect of the game is working better.

5) Akers: I'm not a "cut this guy" kinda fan....but this is getting old.

6) Ginn: See #5.

7) LaMichael James: We need that outside speed element that Hunter gave them. Gore can thunder between the tackles and Hunter was a great change of pace. Jacobs is good for short yardage, but defenses are just condensing because they don't fear anyone getting out to the perimeter. It's time to activate LaMichael James

8) Manningham: I hope he's not hurt too bad. He's really becoming a clutch player.

9) Walker: WILDLY inconsistent. Athletically a game-changer, but the guy just seems to fight the ball. Two more drops and one of them was a perfect pass that would likely have won the game.

10) Penalties: I dunno if its the domes on the road or what, but the penalties are getting rediculous. Those 10 yard penaties are drive killers. Niners need to fix that crap. NOW.

EDIT: Had to add....
11) Crabtree: Looking like the guy we wanted him to be on draft day. Can create when the play breaks down. Kaepernick-Crabtree are going to be a threat for a long-long time. On that topic, a dynamic passer like Kaepernick will make it easier to keep and sign WRs and TEs in the offseason.

Great Post. I wanted to reiterate your point #2; that was the worst game plan I've seen from this coaching offensive coaching staff, considering Kap is the "hot hand" and is the QB to really do what Harbaugh wants to do with this offense. Point #4 and the run part of #2, my god, two terrible run calls and you have a kicker who is struggling and plenty of time on the clock to control your own destiny. Totally agree with point #8.

I just wanted to add, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the consistently low snaps from Goodwin?!!?! All last game and sporadically this game.
Once again, great post!
Once again, SPOT ON POST!
Love this rational thread every week. Thanks for the effort.

It really seemed the Niner game plan was to play a safe, smash mouth game with Gore running up the middle and CK playing a safe, Smith-like game. The Rams seemed very happy to play a game like that and the Niners never made any adjustment. The Rams hung around, got lucky and beat a better team.

The refs were simply horrible, with bad calls against both teams, but the random holding calls are getting annoying and ruin the game.
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Manningham had Jeonoris Jenkins on his heels all day... should have thrown the ball more
I must say that the fumble for a touchdown was bull also. He was down by contact as soon as he recovered the ball. The officials have been screwing up all season long and its really getting under my skin. How can he return a fumble when he basically ran over Ginn to recover the ball and Ginn was basically sitting on him when he hopped up and rolled into the endzone. If I can see that without replay at regular speed, how come the officials couldnt and its like 5 of them on the field and they can stop for reviews. I do think the intentional grounding was right though only because the ball went out of bounds before it crossed the line of scrimmage.
Originally posted by susweel:
Also I can't remember a team playing farther off our wrs then they did in this game. Also seen more slants in this game than I have all season.

Loved the slants. Reminded me of the old days of Montana/Young to Rice.

Should have been using this more the entire year!
That Ram's defense is no joke anymore. They have specifically engineered their team to beat the Niners being we are in the same division and I think this year it has finally come to be. Especially their defensive line against our Offensive line.
Not having Hunter and KWill hurt the offense, especially the running game. The needs to activate LMJ soon and get him practicing with the first team asap.

Double post...
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This offense is handcuffed by the play-calling. It does not adapt to the talent or even the situation. I hope that Harbaugh has a serious sit-down with Roman. I wonder now if Roman is up to the task. He has called some seriously retarded plays on crucial third down situations.

Is there any more worthless player on the roster than Ginn right now? Jacobs is not a suitable fill in for Hunter. I cannot believe that Jenkins or LMJ would not add more spark.

The team needs an answer for Akers. He's a liability and gets paid a lot.

This loss can be a good wake-up call for the team entering the seasons crucial home stretch. We'll know in these next two games if any lessons were learned. Particularly against NE.
great analysis. O - line also got blasted all day. Too many penalties.
Besides running too far back into the endzone which caused the Safety Kaep played alright.

Completely agree we need to unleash LaMichael James. 12 games games inactive, that's enough time on the sidelines. We need someone with some speed that can go east and west to complement Gore/Jacobs.
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Good post marvin. What you said is pretty much exactly what I came away with as well
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