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Alex would be wise to stay here and take back-up money! He just doesn't have the skill set to be an elite starter in the NFL.

Everything would have to be perfect in order for him to succeed, or he will hold the offense back. Put Alex with the Colts or Redskins and what would they look like? Put Cap on those teams and they would look similar to how they look now if not better.
Alex knows Harb wants to have his cake and eat it too, that's not going to work out this season and help win a championship after coming off a season the team went to the NFCC and was so close to the SB. The people that are really going to suffer with this QB debacle is the other 49ers players on the team, the real 49ers fans and Harb's reputation in the end... All AS has to do next season is ask to be release and seek a bigger contract else where. Just Saying. -Mr.Truth
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