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Anyone excited to see LeMichael James play?

Everybody has been complaining about the pick all season since he ans AJJ haven't been playing...but I've gotta be honest, having a healthy LMJ ready to go takes the sting out of Hunter being put on IR...Hargenius
all u guys trashing the guy for preseason are crazy. this guy was an animal when he played at oregon and we have a full stable of PR and KR guys anyway so he would only probably be a super emergency option. as an RB hes gonna be a beast when he starts getting some playing time. hes fast as hell and can break ankles with his quick change ability as well as having good power for a guy his size. his vision is excellent as well. he was the one player in college harbaugh and fangio never figured out how to stop and thats saying something. hes a baller, he just needs a shot to play like everyone else. with Hunter injured i hope he gets a shot. the future niner backfield will be Hunter/James when the Immortal Frank Gore finally gets tired of s**tting on the NFC west lol
Originally posted by VA49er:
I am excited to see if Jenkins can make an impact. I love Kyle Williams but Jenkins should have an easier time filling in as our #4 option.

No way. Kyle has been here longer with our team and knows how to block guys bigger than him. I doubt that A.J. will assume the role quickly. But he may make up for it in other areas with Kaep in the game.
I just get all kinds of nervous when I think of Kaep and LMJ behind the line. Could go good; could go bad; but one thing for sure it will be fast.
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The depth chart should be 1) Gore 2) LMJ 3) Jacobs (3rd downs),. I realized that LMJ has a fumble problems during preseason, but that was back then when he was still getting used to the speed of the game. Obviously, we're not going to put him on KR/PR duty, Ginn jr. and Cox are much more experienced and capable, but i see no reason for James not to have around 5-7 carries/game with a couple check downs or screen passes. It gives us another dimension in conjunction w/ Kap strong arm downfield to keep defenses honest. Really couldnt hurt

Why would Jacobs be the 3rd down back? 3rd down is generally a passing down where you sometimes run because they're expecting pass. Jacobs should be a short yardage back (if they've managed to break his habit of running so upright).

Gore or LMJ (if he can block) should be the 3rd down back. Word is that James has gotten a lot of work receiving passes as he has imitated opponents on the scout team. I'd like to see him getting passes in the flats and the ball in space.
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I'm excited to see him play. I liked Kendall, but this guy has a burst ala Sproles that will give the offense and added dimension.
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I like LMJ and AJ but the key for me is how LMJ will be in pass protection? Rookie RBs typically struggle in pass protection when they are on the field at first.We all know LMJ is a talented runner and receiver but it could be a disaster if he cant passprotect. AJ Im just worried about him beating press coverage. We all heard how he struggled in the offseason to beat it and when he played in the preseason he really didnt see a whole lot of it but he is definitely gonna see it now.Jacobs only has the one run last week but he still looked liked he was running upright and didn't have that explosion of power when he hit the hole. Dixon looked more explosive when he ran the ball.
I think if both guys are active their roles will be minimal. James is at best a 3rd down back (right now) and probably more of 3rd-4th quarter depth to spell tired RB's. In the case of Jenkins, he probably comes in as the #4 WR and likely won't see many snaps. I'm guess the starting 3 WR's now are Crabtree and Moss outside with Manningham in the slot and Jenkins keeping the bench warm. I don't believe either guy has shone as a return man (possible James?) so its also possible Cox gets the return duties and James backs him up.
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I think if we pound gore and jacobs for the first half then throw in lmj. Fresh after ther d has benn softend and look out I'm talkin 50 yards plus run this weekends gonna be a fun one...
LMJ was drafted (in my opinion) to complment ck7. With ck7 as the starter, defenses have to respect the deep ball, this will leave short routes for the rb to catch and get YAC for increasing in potential. My prediction is LMJ will be a dual threat running and catching the ball and his stats will almost be 50/50 like roger craigs where when he got 1000 rushing and 1000 receiving.

I'm very excited to see LaMichael James play. Hunter was playing at such a high level, but La Michael is going to bring it. He's different from Hunter but similar, but you can't compare him in the preseason to where he's going to be now. All I know is that we have the best run blockers in the game and having another weapon like La Michael must make Greg Roman and Harbaugh Drool.

DO YOU GUYS ACTUALLY DOUBT BAALKE AND HARBAUGH? NO FAITH. You think they would have picked a RB in the second round if they didn't feel he was worthy? Any of the bill walsh team would have loved to have a back like La Michael.

I'm really excited about AJ Jenkins as well. He showed some great flashes in the preseason with Colin.
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
You don't???

i wish..
Definitely would like to see him take the field as well as AJ.

I also want to see Hampton at some time.
I am very excited to see what James can provide. Of course I would rather have had a healthy Kendall Hunter, but that isn't reality anymore. I think Harbaugh will experiment with Jacobs, Dixon and James to see what works best with Frank Gore. Gore cannot get worn down by January, that is the key thing if the Niners want to win the Super Bowl-- a fresher Gore. I also think that is why Kaep remains the starter at QB, he can take some of the pressure off Gore, with Alex the pressure increases on using Gore.
I don't think there's any question that LaMichael has to step up and become the scatback threat that Kendall Hunter had become. The other two RB's on the depth chart ahead of him are plodding earth movers. Nothing against them, mind you, but we already have that in Gore. What we need, and what we had with Kendall, was that dimension of breakaway speed. He was a threat to take it to the house every time he touched the pigskin.

LaMichael is the only other speed option on the roster at this point. I see him getting his touches this Sunday in Saint Louie....
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