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Originally posted by defenderDX:
Will this be America's game of the Week?

Yup, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are calling the game.

This should get you pumped!
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Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
St Louis and New Orleans are in the Central Time Zone, let that bottle your mind for a few minutes

I will beat you with my old shoe.
Originally posted by Ajanke:
Lol their whole board is bitter and believe they'll kick our ass. Half of them think bc they were injured is why we beat them. They must of forgotten how we beat them with practice squad receivers. Straight delusional. It should be a close game. Damn fools are blind.

Many of them blame their horrible childhoods on the Niners.

Public service announcement: Please be sure to register on SaintsReport before they shut down the forum after the Niners' victory. They did that last season after the playoff loss, and if you don't want to miss all the wound licking, moans, and cries, go here now --->
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Do you think they leave VD with single coverage.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Do you think they leave VD with single coverage.

I hope so... then they leave a man to spy on Kaep, then it leaves either Gore, Delanie, Moss, Manningham, Williams or Crabtree WIDE OPEN!
CUT EM UP!!!!!
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Originally posted by Allx9er:
This is not going to be an easy game by any stretch of the imagination. On the road, in the doom against a very motivated team, in a state where the hate for our squad runs from border to border and is as thick n stanky as the bayou.

The niners cant start this game flat then expect to make a late charge. Must demoralize them early and if the opportunity arises must put boot firmly on throat and then procede to stomp with joy and vigor.
agree. thier defense is not much better than earlier,, but they do have the passing game going,, hope rogers plays well and we get some what of a pass rush on the qb without having to blitz
Kaepernick the new QB I guess... good luck kid!

Just announced on CSN that Kap starts against the Saint this week.
s**t just got real!!!!!!! this actually happening?
Nice to hear Kaep gets the start this week. Go 49ers!
I think kaep goes for 300 easily against their s**tty ass D.
3 days 17 hours and 30 minutes away and I'm already freaking out.

If only I could eat enough turkey tomorrow to put me in a food coma till Sunday.
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