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The Official Aldon Smith's High Speed Car Chase to the Sack Record

We've got to get a grip (so to speak). We are sounding like Seahawks or Raiders fans. There is no conspiracy.
He got held against Seattle on almost every play.
He'll learn to either sell it to the refs or punish the tackles that's holding him....
Aldon should be placed on the line. Hes clearly not a linebacker yet. He was thrown into the frying pan. He has his flashes but just not a LB yet. When Justin went down he should have been inserted and have another LB take his spot.
lol you honestly think the NFL has some conspiracy to prevent Aldon from the sack record? Justin Smith being out is HUGE. He was getting to Brady in the first half, but after Justin Smith got hurt, he didnt have his sack partner to open the lanes.

He could still get 4 sacks against a horrible AZ passing game.
Holding happens on every play, but I'll agree that this team needs to start selling penalties more. I think the "old school" attitude we have and not "flopping" like allot of other teams gives the impression that refs are always against the team, but the players don't seem to try and take advantage of the refs.
he gets sacks in bunches, always has
Ricky Jean was ass that day.

Usually he's reliable. That whole defense was ugly. I just didn't understand it. Almost as if we were tanking or just laying down to see some playbook looks. I just don't know.
Maybe Aldon is tired of paying $5,000 for every sack he gets.. He has payed like almost 100k this year lol
he had a couple of opportunities but wilson stepped out of his tackles or avoided him---no conspiracy

Our whole defence was horrible in Seattle. Lynch ran wild, secondary had poor coverage.
If he doesn't get it so be it. He should be a first team All Pro though.
There was a lot of holding on a.smith but thats gonna always happen when u can pass rush as good as he does I dont like it either but u gotta live with it. Its not good that a defense can fall apart bcause 1 man is absent. Aldon needs to play with a mean streak and learn how to get away from the holding and grabbing and even the double teams. Im baffled how can a #1 defense be detroyed like bcause 1 man. Pete carroll and his staff outcoached harbaugh and his staff plain and simple. I like aldon smith hes just not mean enuff ..........yet
Come on...I am merging this. NFL Conspiracy. lol
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