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The Official Aldon Smith's High Speed Car Chase to the Sack Record

Just realized that Watt and Smith are tied and Von Miller has 16 in 3rd place. Damn good pass rushers drafted in the top 1st round last year.

man, now fkn JJ Watt is gonna break the record and yet again, Aldon will be a day late, dollar short.
Aldon is doing just fine. It will be tough vs. Seattle but this is where he needs to get a couple. Then it should be a "gold rush" vs. the cardinals.
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as i said earlier it was disappointing he didn't get a sack but he showed good coverage skills against an elite pass offense and came with a half luck, half skill INT so from a developmental standpoint this game was huge for Aldon.

Agree. Great game from Aldon. He almost had two sacks on the first drive, so damn close!

I'm not sure I'd classify it as a "great game". There were a number of plays where he looked either lost or was taking a breather. He's unquestionably a very good player and will only get better, but unlike Justin Smith, who goes all out every play, young Aldon does take plays off, or at best, seems uncertain. Maybe that's a factor of being new to the position, but I'd like to see more consistent effort. He certainly doesn't seem as dominant as Watt, and may lose the sack title to him before season's end. Hope not, but they're tied right now and Watt looks the stronger of the two at this stage.
you could tell Tom Brady knew where Aldon Smith was the whole game. He was not going to give up a sack to Aldon. That being said Russell Wilson is no Tom Brady. I hope he runs right into Aldons bear hug at least twice.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
man, now fkn JJ Watt is gonna break the record and yet again, Aldon will be a day late, dollar short.

Aldon smith will get to wilson 3 times book it!!!
Go Aldon get them sacks this week!
hopefully he'll get 5 sacks against Arizona.

I hate JJ Watt..
Goal: break the record before Watt lol

Watt has a better chance of ending up with more
Watt with a sack today. Aldon will get at least 2 though
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Well what will break it by 1 to 2 sacks if he has the same kind of day against Luck that he did last week(3 sacks). Aldon officially needs to replicate his demolition of the bears to finish better then Watt. At 19.5 he needs 3.5 to break it in 1 game let alone another 1.5+ to probably out do Watt.
My guess: he'll get 2 against Arizona and fall short while Watt sets new mark against Colts.
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