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C.K. starts next week!

C.K. starts next week!

Originally posted by kray28:
I always laugh at how the media tries really hard to perpetuate a QB controversy.

I don't think this is our call, first off. But I don't think Harbaugh is the type of coach who will bench Alex due to injury. Kap did great though...and looked better in many ways than Alex ever has. Just a more dynamic player with much higher upside.

Alex beat NO before. Much much much different match up on the road against NO in a dome.
If Kaep starts next week, then so be it. I just don't think it's his job now, it has more to do with the concussion Alex sustained the week before. Now if Alex was stinking up the the joint like he did in years past, then by all means, Let it ride with Kaep.

Kaep has all the tools to succeed as a starting QB, but he will have to wait his turn. Harbaugh might just be giving lip service, per usual.

Keep working Kaep! Next season is your chance to take the job.
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Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
Doubtfull, who ever jim starts the team will support, either colin or alex. I do believe it's alex's job he's done well all season, colins had 1 game. I think alex will start, and in the offseason we can talk about who is the starting qb is and let the best man win than.

This sounds about right--but then Harbaugh can be a wee bit unpredictable.

I do know that I will fully support whoever starts.
Lets see how Alex practices...
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
If Smith plays next week, we will probably see his best game since he will be playing for his job. Smith plays better with adversity.

Yep, hope Smith plays as angry as he looked on the sideline.
Originally posted by vermonator:
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
If Smith plays next week, we will probably see his best game since he will be playing for his job. Smith plays better with adversity.

Yep, hope Smith plays as angry as he looked on the sideline.

LOL I was going to mention that, he looked pissed, and his face comes down to a point at the chin area, he looks a little elfish
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Originally posted by Oregon49erfan:
I'm actually torn...

On on hand Kaepernick definitely makes our offense much more explosive, and he wasnt even threatening with the run. He played amazing pocket QB today. He has the better arm, no question. He made a number of throws I don't think Smith has ever made. The Williams pass was a thing of beauty. He did overthrow a couple big plays so he wasn't perfect. Some would crucify Smith for missing those.

However, he is a greater risk as well. He is bound to make mistakes due to inexperience. Can we overcome those? Can we afford to take the risk? Can we afford not to?

My guess is that if Smith starts, he responds the way he did after Kaep threw deep to Moss in triple coverage... He comes out aggressive and accurate, lighting up the Saints. But what about the rest of the season? Keepernick may make some of those inevitable mistakes, or may just take off.

Sigh....I'm glad I'm not Harbaugh this week...

We weren't supposed to see this Kaepernick until next year. The feeling I have in my gut is that weird feeling of guilt you get when you open your Christmas presents early and see what goodies you have in store. But then you have to wrap up the present again and wait....
I think Harbaugh will end up going with Kaepernick on this one. The ceiling is just too high with this guy. How do you pass it up. I have respect for Alex and everything he has done, but this is why we drafted Colin. He stepped up, and I want this team to stick with him and see what he can do over more then one game.
Let CK7 start. Kaep's proven that hes more than capable and Alex is comeing off a concusion. It's not worth the risk to further injure Alex in case we need the depth later in the season/post season.

Kaep's the logical choice IMO.
I feel like this is a more important version of the Haralson and Aldon situation. Haralson had been our guy for a while, did his job to a certain level, and we got by with it. But Aldon was brought in to take the position to the next level. We just had to develop him and let him earn the job. Now we have Aldon in there, and I doubt any of you would say you would want Haralson back in that role. Colin was drafted to raise the bar of the QB position. Last night, he showed us exactly what that could be like. So now you all want to just go back to the way things were? Change is difficult, but change can win you a Superbowl. Let the kid play.
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What is the NFL policy after a QB isn't cleared? When does the doctor check Smith again?
I really don't know. Hate to just give the keys to the young buck but dam he looked nice. Just not sure i want to take some lumps right now. Every game won't be like last night. Just hope last night was a sign of what's to come from CK and not just a flash. He make perfect passes in the seam. Pushing the ball down field with perfect touch. And he missed some passes and has things to work on. He really impressed me with how he read the defense. Last week he looked jittery and uncomfortable in the pocket, but last night you saw confidence. He went threw his progressions instead of just taking off and running.
Alex Smith will dominate this game if given the chance.
This is a poll - no reason to lock it!!

As a Smith supporter - I have to admit CK's game was so complete last night - he mentally handled the whole game well -- I have to admit that his tools may give the team a better chance to win games. So in coach speak - CK gets a second start.

MORE importantly, the team now has a taste of a complete offense that get's all the playmakers involved with big plays. You have to believe the offense mentally will want CK back there "making it fun" again. A coach can't risk having his players in a "mental revolt" by putting Smith back in and going back to a very tight and conservative game plan.
I'm glad it's in the coaches hands.

I've been an Alex supporter from day one BUT it will be hard to keep that talent [Kap] on the bench.

It's just one game but Kap did so much that impressed me.

The thing that I like the most was how he hit our receivers in stride.
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