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concerned about 2/3rds of our defensive line

Originally posted by TexasGuero49:
I said it before. This upcoming draft we need to spend 2 of the top 4 picks on defensive front 7, preferably on the defensive line.

It is really hard for rookie D-linemen to jump right in and play in a 3-4 defense. Even harder when that rookie is picked 32nd!
I would love to be picking 32...

I think we need to make the D-line a priority this draft with a couple of the top picks. They may not be starting right away but they could be used for rotation to keep everybody fresh throughout the game. Hopefully over time they will build into a full blown starter's then we draft somebody to rotate with them in a couple of years. It is my opinion that you can never have to many to notch O-linemen and D-linemen.... More games are won in the trenches then by so called superstars...just my opinion
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