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Would it be crazy to trade Novarro Bowman?

Would it be crazy to trade Novarro Bowman?

I'm not going to criticize what we do. We've hit so many home run it's inevitable that we're going to end up losing some of these guys. We're going to have Davis and Iupati's contract ending at the same time. Aldon Smith will earn himself a monster contract down the road.

I definetily see the logic in trading Bowman if the right situation popped up. Then again I also the logic in letting Goldson walk, and drafting his replacement while keeping Bowman. Whatever we choose to do I'm fine with.
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The Niners will sign both Bowman and Goldson to long term contracts.
Only if we draft Monte Te'o
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Originally posted by okdkid:
The Niners will sign both Bowman and Goldson to long term contracts.

Book it.
Really good post and comments.

Hopefully we can keep both Goldson & Bowman. Doubtful. We have so many very good players who will be up for new contracts, that keeping everyone will be impossible.

To me it depends on what we can get in a trade. Trading with one of the teams in top 10 draft position would be something to consider.

Bottom line - I'd MUCH rather trade Bowman and get something than have him walk and get ZERO.
Wish we could give Goldson the money from Rogers and keep both and let go of Carlos. IMO
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I would trade Willis before I would trade Bowman. Willis is in his 6th year and seems to be a little slower this year. Bowman is in his 3rd year and is better in coverage. They are both equal to me in defending the run and diagnosing plays.
Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Only if we draft Monte Te'o

You bring that guy up all the time. Are you family?
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by jreff22:
If Willis gets hurt (which happens) we dot have a major drop off because we have another All-Pro next to him. You dump Bowman and bring in 2 nobody's the run D will go to s**t.

You don't have 2 nobodys. You have Willis. And he's not hurt that much.
missed the point. If Willis gets hurt and we do trade/let go of Bowman we are stuck with 2 nobody's at ILB.
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Why are we so sure Bowman will be looking for a massive $ contract?

People were guaranteeing that Carlos Rogers was going to ask for Nat Clements money this off-season but that wasn't the case... 'Los knew that if he took too much $, it wouldn't leave room to sign other defensive returnees. Team guy. I'm willing to wager that Bowman does the same..... He doesn't strike me as a guy that will pressure the organization (or his agent) to manifest an enormous contract.

Does Larry Grant have trade value?
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We'll cross this bridge when we get there.
Originally posted by Ruhl:
Originally posted by btthepunk:
Thats what I was gonna say. We didnt lose that game because Goldson didnt play. The whole defense fell apart at the end of that game.
Like you said. I like Goldson and hope we can get him on a reasonable deal, if not we can trade up in the first and get one of the top safeties. Will be way way cheaper than Goldson and possibly just as good on the field.

Truth. I'm pretty sure it was Whitner who blew the coverage in OT that lead to the FG.

Originally posted by Yunchang:
Because CB is far more important position than safety and the ideal time time to convert CBs to safety is when they get older. GB just did it with Charles Woodson. The steelers did it with Rod Woodson. Its done to extend their careers.

I'd agree and respectfully disagree with you at the same time! Saying CB is more important that FS seems circumstantial at best, but beyond that, the two corners you listed are both HoF'ers (Charles will be). I can see extending a player-like-that's career, but Carlos Rogers!?!? I mean, he's a decent corner, but he doesnt belong in the conversation with either of the Woodsons!

I agree that Carlos doesn't belong in their league but that is not the point. I think Cully has the potential to be mentioned with them at CB and I wouldn't want to lose that by moving him to safety whereas I believe Carlos can make an adequate safety. I guess we just disagree on the importance of the safety position compared to CB and we're getting off topic.
Originally posted by Yunchang:
Originally posted by Ruhl:
Stop referencing the Dallas game last year, Madieu Williams and Reggie Smith barely count towards the defensive 11, let alone a FS. I'd like to see Goldson work out a deal, but if it doesn't happen, we'll be fine. We have options. Even if we don't address the position early in the draft, Cully could convert into a nice coverage FS and I'd feel pretty comfortable with Perrish Cox coming in as our Nickel man.

I would not want Culliver to be converted to safety. He has huge upside and is rapidly becoming the best cb the Niners have. That would be stupid. Maybe Carlos can be converted to FS.

rogers could be the odd man out..niners promote culliver to starting cornerback, cut rogers and draft a corner and use money saved off of rogers contract to resign bowman or goldson
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Originally posted by hofer36:
rogers could be the odd man out..niners promote culliver to starting cornerback, cut rogers and draft a corner and use money saved off of rogers contract to resign bowman or goldson

i agree, but how much would that cost us in dead money?
It might be a reality
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