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So are we on a 2.5 game winning streak?
Rams ARE a decent team this season. Not playoff caliber, but they are a tough team, and if you come out flat they have a good shot at beating you. They are much improved from where they have been the last few seasons. No excuse for this game, but its true they are not the same rams team.
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I would rather lose to be honest. This is like a double bye week or something. 2 weeks no wins but no losses. I swear you got to hesitate every time you say the niners are awesome or they are terrible because really it seems a new team shows up every week.

I respectfully disagree

I am struggling to understand how this is any better than a loss. It means we are 2-0-1 in the division which is as good as 2-1-0. At least then we wouldn't have set up a huge rematch with the Rams near the end of the season in their house.

With the tie the division record almost doesn't matter. As long as we win at least the same number of overall games as the Seahawks we have the tiebreaker since our Tie > their loss. Say SF goes 11-4-1 and Seattle goes 11-5. We win the division regardless of head-to-head, division record, or any other tiebreakers. We have the better record.
I'm happy for Kaepernick.

He had 173 yds and a TD in 2.5 quarters. He's so young, doesn't take reps with the starters, and has yet to start. We wouldve killed to get that kind of production from Alex early in his career. The offense put up 17 points in the second half with Kaepernick.
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I don't know what to say about this game. The rams should have never played us this well at our home. Our D looked lackluster and had no way of stopping Amendola or Jackson. The only thing that saved us was the few penalties on the Rams.

On the other hand, the Rams played the way they did against our ill prepared Niners, the next game we should completely dominate.
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So are we on a 2.5 game winning streak?

3 game non losing streak.
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you guys are harping about the quarterback... do you not get it?? did you not see the s**thole defense played today against a bottom tier team? you can whistle past the end zone if you want but this team has some concerns, defense, special teams, pass protection, penalties, shaky kicker. the quarterback is the least of our worries today.

Calm down! Already commented on the D and they have been having issues lately, but I hope it's just the mid-season blues. If other teams have caught up with what we do...yikes! I agree with those who are pointing out that the DBs seem to slow to cover the quicker WRs.

On the good side, CK played three quarters without a turn over, or major snafu, and the team came back to tie. My major concern has been with the run defense and I wonder if that isn't partly due to Aldon being so young and having to play the entire game. Perhaps they need to start subbing in for the DL a bit to keep them fresh.

6-2-1 is still a good record and we will see if they can play better next week.
Agreed, but......
F_king TIE!!! We need for the Bears to lose tonight and to beat the Bears next week. The good thing is that it's not a loss, and the Giants and Falcons lost. We're still ahead of the Seahawks. I'm not all that concerened, but the D needs to tighten up.This was a division game, and division games are always tough. But again, we need for the Bears to lose tonight and to beat them next Monday (though I hate playing a good team who's coming off a loss). We HAVE to have that game as it will be vital for seeding.
Not as thrilled about our chances against Chicago next week as I was before this game, but I think they'll have kaepernick ready for the game.
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I dont know if anyone has mentioned it, But Rogers has become a liability this season.

name one cb who can shut down the slot? You have to defend 2 sides of the field, and double moves out to in, and with danny it's in out in out in out does he even know where he's at!
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The days of the Rams being some dips**t pushover team are over.

Disagree. They came out ready to play and we didn't. It's as simple as that. We got caught looking past them and at the Bears game next week. The Rams wanted to make this a statement game and we took every punch they threw. Don't expect to see a Rams team like this when the rematch comes around. And expect to see a highly motivated 49er team that doesn't fall behind by two touchdowns in the first quarter.

I do think the defense needs to probably stop reading its press clippings. This is the second time this season that Dick B. Soft has shown up in the locker room. I dearly hope it's the last.

The same things are excuses used to justify losing to the Vikings and getting raped by the Giants. Now the Rams which are inferior to the those other two teams yet the same result (even if it isn't a loss). So what the f**k is it going to take for this team not to look past their opponents? I am sorry but I can't get behind that excuse anymore. I don't know what to conclude other than this team can be on both ends of the extremes. Either we are stunning and electric or frustrating and inept. I wouldn't be surprised if we beat the bears next week but also wouldn't be surprised if we lose out in our division.

The Rams got killed in London by the Pats and Fisher laid down the law. Janoris Jenkins pro career is getting off to a bad start. Maybe they came in super motivated.
Akers should have won it for it but the Rams had many chances and they settled for a tie instead of a win.
f**k the Bears. They're overrated. Their defense can't score TDs every week. Pressure Cutler and they lose. Houston Should bring them back down to Earth.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
So if the #2 seed ends up 12-4 and we end up 12-3-1 who gets the tie breaker?
A Tie equals a half win and a half you get it know?
Tie game is counted as a half game, is basically my understanding. We can be half game up or half game down when compared to other teams' record. If compared to another team with a 6-2 record we are ahead of them. But compared to a 7-1 team we are obviously behind.

So if Seattle finished the season 12-4 and we finished 12-3-1, we win the division...?
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we gave up 159 yards on the ground.. Rogers can not cover good WRs in the slot...

just stating some obvious things... my brain has melted
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