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Should Frank play against Arizona?

Should Frank play against Arizona?

I voted NO ... not gonna' LIE, voted twice; here's why:

Originally posted by 9erred:
That is why you have a coach. Frank is a warrior that runs without fear and his running style is hard on his body. This is the very reason that Frank wears down by game 12 of the regular season. He runs so hard because he is a warrior.

I love Frank, as do the coaches and all. For that very reason the coaches will make the hard decision to sit frank (if that is what the team doctors recommend) because they need a healthy Frank going into December and January.

Hunter the starter, Jacobs short yardage. this will give Franks ribs two weeks to rest.
He will run, and he will break 100 rushing. Nothing is going to stop frank this season.
give Jacobs the damn ball and rest Gore
I vote for Frank to play. It's a division game against a team that beat us last year. If he can go, he plays. Would like to put some distance between us and the pretenders in our division.
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Yes he should. Look what AP did to the cards. Imagine Gore. Play him but steady dose of Hunter and Jacobs.
rest him and activate james if we have to, we have a bye week after so he'll be fully ready to tear up the rams on 11/11
Don't know enough about his injury to even guess.
But I hope he plays just to keep Braylon Edwards, whoops I meant Brandon Jacobs on the bench.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:

I'd like to see Hunter full time in AZ, sprinkled with a little Brandon Jacobs. After all, why else did we keep so many backs? Frank's ribs will be a target for guys like Dockett

Only for this reason doe.
Anthony Dixon is gonna have a breakout game
Originally posted by pakalolo415:
Anthony Dixon is gonna have a breakout game

yes two special teams tackles.

Frank is always go. Hunter and Jacobs can do. Jacobs is ready to explode, let him do it on the field.
Yes let him play. win the game and he can rest at for the bye week and Rams game if necessary while sitting on a 2 game lead
cut him
Originally posted by McLovinAlexSmith:
yes two special teams tackles.

AHAHAHA I litterally lol'd. Thanks man I Needed that.
Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
If he is healthy he should play.

Agree, and they can limit his play count if they have concerns. If he is't healthy though, and I'm not sure any of these guys are healthy in our context, he should sit and I would love to see Jacobs in there.
Agree...let Gore start the game but just give him maybe 10-15 touches. Get some work in with Hunter and Jacobs. We have one if not the deepest depth in the league at RB, why not take advantage of that and save Gore for the playoffs or at least for Chicago coming up.

I think against Chicago, we'll need Jacobs.
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