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Should Frank play against Arizona?

Should Frank play against Arizona?

Rest him up ...Start Hunter , Let Jacobs back him up ...and activate LaMichael James !!!!!

If Gore plays, and damages his ribs even more , we will be without our best weapon for the remainder of the season

So PLEASE ...Rest Gore , we can still win this game , we can win with the RB's we have on the roster, and Frank will come back healthier for the Bears
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If Frank isn't 100% & needs to heal up then sit him. We're stacked at RB & they can go against the Cards.
He is gonna play that is for sure. Cardinals are one game back of us.. you really think a warrior like frank would even let them sit him?
Originally posted by HoRneR:
He is gonna play that is for sure. Cardinals are one game back of us.. you really think a warrior like frank would even let them sit him?

That is why you have a coach. Frank is a warrior that runs without fear and his running style is hard on his body. This is the very reason that Frank wears down by game 12 of the regular season. He runs so hard because he is a warrior.

I love Frank, as do the coaches and all. For that very reason the coaches will make the hard decision to sit frank (if that is what the team doctors recommend) because they need a healthy Frank going into December and January.

Hunter the starter, Jacobs short yardage. this will give Franks ribs two weeks to rest.
I vote NO!

However, have him suit-up. If we run into a real jam - we have an ace in our hand.

With our OLine we can use lots of Hunter and give Jacobs a real test to see exactly what he can do - on that the jury is still out.

Also, I'd like to see LMJ play so he can begin his career - little by little.
Rest him. Isn't this what we got Jacobs and James for? And it's not like Hunter is a slouch. We don't need a banged up, or worse, Gore for the latter part of the season, not to mention the postseason, if we get there.
Like I commented on one of the threads here after the game, I know about sore ribs and it takes a LONG time to heal as most internal injuries do.

49er's are caught between and rock and a hard place in that they would be in GREAT shape within the division if they win and especially if Seattle loses to Detroit.

However if Gore goes down for any long period of time, it could be trouble down the stretch.

I would leave that option up to Frank Gore and let him know the consequences if his injuries gets worse, after all he is the only one that really knows the extent of his injuries. Doctors can only assume and they are always pressured by the coaches to dope up the players so that they can play. Not a good thing.

They can wait and see how Seattle does and take it from there.
I think Gore is gonna play. Knowing that we have a bye week Id expect his carries to be limited. I bet we see a lot more Hunter and Jacobs will get some runs in as well
No, he's kinda hurt. He's up there in age(football years anyways), he can use the rest. We have a bye after the Monday nighter & we enter the second half of the season in which the schedule gets kinda brutal. That's when we'll need gore, for the second half of season & more importantly the playoffs. I think Hunter(/James) is the future & I think the cards' game would be a small test to see how hunter handles being the back of the future. That's jus me doe.
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Hunter is a more than capable substitute while Gore recovers.

Don't need to play Frank. We have the depth at RB. I'd like to see what Jacobs and LMJ can do with some touches.
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Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
If he is healthy he should play.

100% this but only if he's 100%
Absolutely he should play. Need the W.
let him rest a game.
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For those that are saying that we should suit him up, but not play him, we will run into the problem of only being able to suit up 46 players. It is better to not have him suit up so that we can suit up another player, like LMJ or Celek.
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