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Giants OC Kevin Gilbride says "Justin Smith gets away with Murder"

New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride accused 49ers defensive tackle Justin Smith of using illegal tactics in becoming such a pest to the Giants and other clubs.

"Smith is a beast on the inside, he's strong, he does as good a job of grabbing a hold of offensive linemen and allowing those twists to take place," Gilbride told New York media in a transcript provided by the Giants.

"He never gets called for it so he gets away with murder.

"That, in conjunction with the ability level they have, makes them as formidable as anybody we go against, and we go against some pretty good ones in Dallas' and Philadelphia's."

Smith sacked Eli Manning on the Giants' penultimate possession in the NFC Championship game, and Smith batted down a fourth-down pass to preserve a 49ers' regular-season win over the Giants.

Smith is consistently drawing double teams this season, and although he doesn't have any sacks, he has a team-high 27 quarterback pressures.

"There's nothing wrong with him. He's still applying good pressure," 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said. "Teams have thrown the ball quickly on us at times.

"I haven't felt during any of the games like, 'damn, where's our pass rush?' And until I feel that then we don't have a problem."

Gilbride straight up HATIN !! ....He needs a Buddy Ryan right cross to the mouth again

Thoughts ?
he's insecure and looking for help through the refs
and other teams also get away with 353406540634653498 of holding calls on both Justin and Aldon

Gilbride is just scared
LOL! They mad at us...let's pound them into the ground, another blowout victory...and get two sacks for J. Smith, too!
what a f*g, now the refs are going to be focused on smith for a majority of the game instead of everyone
Maybe now the refs will see all the holding happening to Aldon and Justin.
i do see justin get away with it, but what great player in any sport doesnt? ya MJ pushed off russell in his last game vs the bulls, great players get the benefit of the doubt. fair? no, but life isnt either
LOL! This is absolutely absurd! Gilbride has no right to even speak--most NY Giants fans refer to him as Kevin "KillDrive"
Originally posted by ads_2006:
what a f*g, now the refs are going to be focused on smith for a majority of the game instead of everyone

That's a good thing, they'll see him getting held all the time and this will blow up in Gilbride's face. Good initiative, poor judgement
I guess he didnt see the Steelers and Saints games where he was held, and still got to the QB, Ben and Brees, so nice try Gilbride.

Now Justin is going to murder Eli Manning!!
He's already whining to the f**king refs , and it's not even close to kickoff ...he knows they are coming to the Stick for an ass beating !!!!!
Another thing is screw Gilbride, his offense is only good because they played 3 bad defenses, Cleveland, Carolina and Tampa Bay. At least I know our offense is subpar-good. They have a great QB, and 2 great WRs, Nicks and Cruz, other than that, just Bradshaw. The rook David Wilson has problems with fumbling the ball too much.

Even though we beat GB, Det, NYJ and BUF, who have bad defenses now, we beat them easily, where NYG struggled in the Tampa game, and Cleveland game early on. There strength is the front 4, JPP, Tuck, Osi, and then the rest like Boley and Herzlich.
I am from the NYC area and I am sick of how much that team and their fans talk especially about our team. This week has been particularly brutal with comments about Harbaugh, Alex Smith, etc. I dont want to just beat them on the scoreboard. I want our guys to physically punish them.
Quick somebody call Buddy Ryan.
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