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Jacobs unhappy

Who cares...
Oh Geez! Trade his whining ass then! Even Moss isn't b***hing about his reps. This is a team sport and the current lineup is working right now. We don't really need Jacobs. Give him permission to find a better spot and get a draft pick for him. We have other guys I would rather see active anyway.
I have no clue why we're not activating Jacobs on gameday if he's healthy. We had the ball 2nd and goal at the 1 yard line Sunday and couldn't put it in the end zone. You want that 250+ going north and south at the goal line and on short yardage plays.
approximately zero f**ks given
If he gets activated who gets bumped?
If it was me I would want to play and help my team
Cut him and use his money towards re-signing Golston to a long term deal.
id be pissed to like wtf let me play already goddamn
If Randy Moss a hall of fame caliber is not complaining why should he! Jacobs knows better a fresh team all season long is better than the alternative.
"I've learned over the years when you open your mouth and say certain things, it hurts you, so I'm just going to shut up and keep working."

Is this guy an idiot? He has plenty of experience with the media. You never tell the media you are frustrated with your role, no matter how many times they ask you about it. He claims he knows this yet still runs his mouth. Idiot.

He probably just scheduled himself a closed door meeting with Harbaugh.

I'd be frustrated to though. The team is winning and he just wants to contribute. I"m questioning myself why he hasn't been activated, just to have him ready for goal line situations. Why else did they sign him?
Originally posted by NinerGod:
approximately zero f**ks given

Activate him this week and see what he's got. Eh I don't know lol.
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This is once again sensationalistic writing at its best. What Jacobs is saying is he is pissed that it took him this long to come back from the injury and that being active on sunday and not playing was just plain s**ty. I'd be pissed to if I was running over fools and then had freak injury like he did and not come back from it for almost 2 months. As others have said this is much ado about nothing, Jacobs and Harbaugh are on the same page, if not then then there will be no love lost and Jacobs will be on the streets much like Braylon was. That being said I am confident that wont be case and that Jacobs will be happy once he hits the field.
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