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Who was your favorite 9er who never panned out?

Ziegler. He was awesome when I saw him in practice, and never seemed to get hurt like people said he might because of his size. He just could never make it onto the field.
Ted Washington. Watching him have a great career with other teams was painful...
Marcus Allen... was almost traded straight up for Charles Haley b4 we sent him to Dallas for nothing!!!
Jamie Winborn. The guy had a mean streak.
Originally posted by fister30:
Jamie Winborn. The guy had a mean streak.

too bad he sucked!
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Immediately began to dislike Lawson after his first season. Guy was a bum and one of the most overrated players on this board.

But but but...

He could set the edge everyone said. :)

I actually liked him, but he could not catch a qb if the qb was hog-tied. And that is what we drafted him for.
Terrance Flagler
Renaldo "Skeets" Nehemiah
Andre Carter
Ken MacAfee
Todd Kelly/Keith DeLong
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This has to be a joke. I mean, the guy ONLY had a Hall of Fame career with the Niners.

Didnt pan out. LOL

He left on bad terms though and we sucked for years after that. Even though he was great while he was here I would've liked to see him stay in SF

I dont want to turn this into a TO thread, but him leaving here on bad terms was no more his fault than ours. He repeatedly said he wanted an extension.

Putting all that completely aside, I dont see how even if he did leave on bad terms (as well as your desire to see him stay), in any way meant he "never panned out" like the thread topic is about.

If your going by just statistics then yes he "panned out." But like other hall of fame receivers go elsewhere but still have a place in their heart they call home, and a fan base who appreciates the time they spent their. T.O. to most sf fans was just a nuisance who needed to leave and not come back. That's why I feel TO never panned out.
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ashley lelie

One of the things I like about this site is that posts like these are a stroll down memory lane. So many names of guys who were household names when they were playing, and who meant so much to us, resurrected for discussion and RE-appreciation, or derision. Also, the names of the not-so-revered, remind us that not all coaches and GM's, incl THE WALSH, were infallible.
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JJ Stokes (by far). He was supposed to carry the torch after Rice retired. We gave up 2 #1's for the guy. The parallels to moving up for Rice where there. Total disappointment.
he was very respectable but you are right,, when you give up that much,, you want and deserve more than just respectable


Ready to be ANGERED?

In 1995, the 49ers (coming off their 5th Super Bowl win) knew they'd have to replace John Taylor and eventually Jerry in a big-splash move they TRADED UP with the then Cleveland Browns to move up to pick #10 and select highly-touted WR out of UCLA-- J.J. Stokes. In return, the Browns received the 49ers' 1st rounder in 1995 (30th overall, selection: LB Craing Powell, Ohio St, *who?*) and their 1st rounder in 1996 ( which turned out to be 26th overall)....

.....the next season's draft, the Browns (now renamed the BALTIMORE RAVENS) have two 1st round picks: their own 4th overall (selection: Jonathan Ogden, OT, UCLA, *solid pick*) and the pick they got from the Niners for probably the most EPIC flip of a trade in history, guess who the Ravens select with that 26th overall pick???? That's right.....

...of course, there's no guarantee the Niners would've picked him, but still in hindsight

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Junior Bryant & RW Mcquarters.

I thought this guy was gonna be real good.
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