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Who was your favorite 9er who never panned out?

It's not that he didn't work out but injuries cut his career short, Ahmed plummer
Joe Montana. Lost the job to some bum from Tampa bay and darn near took kc to the dance. After that it has to be Jeff Garcia. Then Elvis Grbac
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Julian Peterson. Dude was beyond ripped despite living on grape soda and cheetos. Was pretty good here but all pro in Seattle.
Lee "Evander Holyfield" Woodall
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Jeff Ulbrich
Ashlei Lelie
Ikaika Alama-Francis
Travis Laboy

Lelie never got a chance with Nolan, sucks too because he is a super nice guy and extremely fast

Best WR to come out of Hawaii.....Bess a very close 2nd.....
Melvin Oliver.. BJ Tucker.. Ziegler..
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