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Who was your favorite 9er who never panned out?

Randy moss jk kinda..... I hope so bad he does but if I don't see somthing in the next game I give up saying to my t.v ..... ok here we go bomb down the sideline to moss....pssssshhh
For me its the ones that started well and faded away.

Kevan Barlow- I remember being so impressed with him backing up Hearst.

I thought Jeff Ulbrich was as tough as nails... Even Derek Smith to an extent.
Nate Davis,JJ Stokes,Rashaun Woods....
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Lawrence Phillips
Eric Davis - Wanted him to stay
Taylor Mays
John Engleburger/ Jim Drunkenmiller
RW McQuarters

Eric Davis did pan out. He was a good player.

I'm still upset at him to this very day ...after he left , we didnt have any solid CB's and we got torched every week , if we would have signed him , we would have had some talent in the secondary to compete with all those passing attacks, and maybe even had squeezed out an extra win or two, but it wasnt until Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster arrived that we had some decent talent in the secondary ...But Eric Davis should have retired a 49er
Jeff Fuller.

He was severely injured and his career was finished.

He hit as hard as Ronnie. I can't remember how his coverage skills were but he really brought the wood BIG TIME.
Julian Peterson (shouldn't have left)
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Tim Rattay
Taylor Mays
Antonio Bryant
Mike Rumph
Nate Clements
Tai Streets
Junior Bryant
Jamie Winborn
Ahmed Plummer
Ken Dorsey
Chris Weinke
Joe Montana. If only he got those Shape Ups earlier, he'd still be playing.
Mike Rumph

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Originally posted by goldstandard333:

Charlie Garner. He filled in nicely when Hearst got hurt and left when Hearst came back.

Junior Bryant. Was a good player until his injury cut it short.
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Delanie Walker

You really feed off attention huh?
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This has to be a joke. I mean, the guy ONLY had a Hall of Fame career with the Niners.

Didnt pan out. LOL
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