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Nice. Cherry on top
theres the 40 burger
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Damn Dixon running hard and pushing the pile!
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Come on, people. We got to stay even keel. The numbers are nice and everything, but we got to keep our eyes on the prize. May my penis be with you.
Big Dix!!
What a beastly run by dix
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Originally posted by taney71:
Originally posted by ads_2006:
hunter has 73

will not hit 100

You sound like my wife.

She's a negative nelly. Sorry.
45-3 !!!!

i f**king called it!
Originally posted by taney71:
Originally posted by sacniner:
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Originally posted by Allx9er:
Manning could not run this offense from the looks of things.

Yeah this offense needs a mobile QB

Harbs would tailor a great offense depending on the QB. Dude is a genius.

You still need talent at QB and Smith has it. He just never had the coaching or team around him. Now he does and we see what he can do.

Hey, let's not start this debate please. I know where you haters stand and you know where I stand. Let's just enjoy the win and not try to take down our starting QB will subtle knocks

Ummm, I wasn't hating on Smith bro. Giving Harbs a compliment.
Complete domination

Great finish by the 49ers! What a great day!
Finish it off with a big Dix. lol.
45 points offensive explosion! wow this is insane.

Another statement game, on so many levels.
618 yards and a 40 burger!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by mutt_pinoy:
Nice to see our D get a break for once.

Yeah I dont ever remember seeing a game where the defense has been on the field for so little time
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