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Are we overrated?

Well, by the way we played yesterday, our players thought we were the best and could just show up and collect a victory.

No other way to look at it really. They got a little full of themselfs but that can happen and Jim will get them to see the light if they didn't already by yesterdays outcome.

Our D is great but is flawed. We do not get enough pressure on the qb. I think we have the players but Fangio likes to play it safe. He really needs to change things up more and dial up a few more blitz packages.

O is improving but still a work in progress. I expect them to be much better at playoff time, which is what we all want anyway.

Bumps in the road suck but are gonna happen (to all teams) so we just take the ride.
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This is how I feel today about yesterday.

Let's take it out on the Jets! Also means we gotta kick ass in division!!!!
I don't know if the 49er's should be rated number 1, but certainly one of the top teams. But it doesn't matter how good you are because as the saying goes "any given Sunday". The Texans will probably become the number one team, but even they will most like find a bump in the road somewhere during this season.

An undefeated season is unlikely and ALL good teams will lose to a lesser team at some point in time. It's just the nature of the game.
Underrated last year, overrated this. We caught alot of people unawares. They are not so this year. Also, some of those teams have improved dramatically. I'm not sure where we'll end up in the standings, but I certainly don't expect an undefeated season as some apparently do. However, we do need to beat the teams we're supposed to beat. And 12 carries for gore?
ESPN just said the niners are NOT overrated, it's just that the vikings were underrated. So that settles it, ESPN has spoken.
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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
ESPN just said the niners are NOT overrated, it's just that the vikings were underrated. So that settles it, ESPN has spoken.

Like your sarcasm
maybe slightly overrated but then again look at the people that are rating our team..>These so called experts are wrong more than they're correct...Look at all the predictions to make the SB or playoffs each year and how far off these media folks are....

We're not as bad as the game seemed, and we're not a good as all these experts predict...There is a lot of improvement that needs to take place on both sides of the ball to be one of the consistently good teams...That's the difference between a good team and mediocre team, consistency w/ playing at a high level...
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We weren't going to win every game. So we will see if we bounce back and play good the next game.
We are still the best. The media's praise simply got to their heads. They were overconfident, and underestimated a very good Vikings team. Combine both of those factors with a long trip and a 10 AM start time, and you have a loss. This is a good wake up call for the team though.
Maybe we are a bit overrated our two wins against GB and Det dont look as impressive now. GB is 1-2 and their offense has not looked as good as last year, and Det is 1-2 and their only win was against the Rams and they barely won that game.
only our qb is over rated !
Originally posted by cNiner:
only our qb is over rated !

Probably by 70% of the webzone, the other 30% and the national media and experts know who he really is.
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