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Guess What? Now we're "Old Fashioned."

We're the hipsters of the NFL. Skinny jeans and all
Originally posted by pakalolo415:
We're the hipsters of the NFL. Skinny jeans and all

lol Alex I could believe and even Vernon, but try convincing Justing Smith of that
Like I said before, don't listen to those idiots in the media. I would rather have someone like Alex Smith executing plays to perfection than someon like Manning or anyone that throws for 300 yards a game. If you are throwing that much a game that means you are not executing your plays and you are putting yourself in position of having to throw deep.

Manning, for example could not execute in the WCO because he's more of a sandlot player. He calls plays to counter the defense. I don't think he can do what Alex is doing and that's perfecting these past plays. The reason why Montana had huge numbers was because he was so accurate hitting guys in stride and having great receivers.

Alex has pretty good receivers compared to past 9er receivers and he is executing a lot of these pass plays.
Originally posted by ninermedic:
Originally posted by pakalolo415:
We're the hipsters of the NFL. Skinny jeans and all

lol Alex I could believe and even Vernon, but try convincing Justing Smith of that

Haa yeah, Cowboy might have something to say about that!
by old fashioned they prolly mean back to when we were whiping our asses with the rest of the nfl. we just beat an elite team and a semi elite team quite easily, thay can go to hell if they dont give us our props, they know what our team can do whether they admit it or not
Having watched Manning, I'm pretty sure Harbaugh & Co. saw the same thing I did - no arm anymore. Still excellent in other areas. Don't think he'll be a top flight guy anymore necessarily though. Alex has more arm, legs and is also quite smart. I think the team legitimately didn't see Manning as a big upgrade.
Don't care. We win. We beat up on all the other supposedly good teams. LOL...
Every single media source I've seen has us ranked #1....

No respect?

The only important thing for me is that our excellent coaching staff is using the best out of each player's capabilities. This may not result in Montana to Rice type of plays, but it is still very efficient; the W column shows it. Harbaugh's WCO is definitively more conservative than Walsh's, but the type of talent on the team is different. This may be what writers see as old fashioned. As fans, we do not really care. The players, including Moss, are buying into it. No reason to worry, then ! Let's just not get ahead of ourselves. The Super Bowl is a very long way away. Go Niners.
Originally posted by HailJerry:
Originally posted by Prospector:
You will get nothing but elitist, East Coast bias garbage from the national media, which should just be called the New York marketing department: "Pete Prisco was born on Long Island, which might be part of the reason he has that New York mentality as a reporter: right to the point. After living for a time outside of Philadelphia, where his first NFL game was the Eagles and Steelers at old Franklin Field."

The only thing Pete Priscos of the world care about is their filthy, overcrowded traffic jam of a coast. I bet the NY media want to get rid of the salary cap, so New York can simply buy more opportunities at championships, like with their Yankees. Forget ESPN and their dirty obsession with the East Coast. Don't give them any traffic.

Much better to go read good articles by knowledgeable fans. I have never linked to Bleacher Report before, but this article "Why the 49ers are set up for a legendary season" is one of the best I've read in a long time:

That was a great read. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Outstanding article; very long, but I agree, a great read........ a must for 49er fans........ 9ers have come a long way.

The Bandwagon is FULL , even Niners haters are trying to switch over to the 49ers and root for our team dont know how many times I have heard "I HAVE ALWAYS LIKE THEM , EVER SINCE JERRY RICE" ....especially this week ...
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