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One thing Harbaugh is not good at.

Beating his brother #ohsnap
Originally posted by susweel:
didnt you read the thread about not whining

and thats coming from Sus

let it go sd
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Originally posted by susweel:
didnt you read the thread about not whining

and thats coming from Sus

let it go sd

You don't see the irony in Sus complaining about people whining?....
And whats with his weight gain last season :/
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
I think this past game he was just pissed at the refs and let his emotions get the best of him. Hopefully our next batch of scabs won't be quite as horrendous at their jobs.

That was my impression too, especially on the 2nd challenge.
Hilarious.. He doesn't give a good g-d about what you think, me nether on this count!
Some of his challenges seem like emotional outbursts which he needs to fix, but a significant amount of them seem to actually be for different reasons (opening the possibility of overturning a call but more importantly giving the offense'defense necessary prep time for the next play and rest of the drive). His challenge success rate hasn't been too hot though.
When the last time a bad challenge cost us a game with Harbaugh at the helm? I'm guessing never since he's 15-4 as SF Coach

Originally posted by AlohaBruh:
Originally posted by Uce_Almighty:
sometimes he does it because the players are calling for it, sort of spur-of the moment, trusting his players.

Sometimes he does it strategically, because reviews typically last longer than timeouts, give the guys a blow, coach en up, etc.

How long does he blow each player?


The refs gave the Pack momentum, why waste a timeout when you can try a challenge?
I blame the guys in the booth telling him to challenge dumb s**t.
Originally posted by AlohaBruh:
Controlling his emotions. I love it but for health reasons he needs to relax, I want him coaching for 10+ years.

Agreed........ That shot of him foaming at the mouth was scary in a way........ The team feeds off of it I'm sure, but it can't be healthy............

As for the challenges...... I don't think its an issue, as long as he doesn't throw the flag when he is out of challenges.......
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He's no Singletary, but it is true that he's had several wtf type challenges in the last year..yes. He needs to work on his composure, but I don't think it's a serious issue. He's just a passionate guy that sometimes let's the moment get the best of him.
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