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How will the 49ers attack the Packers?

Show Aaron Rodgers we can get too him early and often. Make him take too long with good press coverage. Take advantage of the option on offense too freeze them for a sec and take advantage of the aggressive tackle play with traps and runs too the outside. Crabtree has got too have a huge day too forget about the playoffs last year! Go Niners!!
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If Justin's playing, I ain't scurred. I'd like to see 12 sacks by Aldon but I'll stick with reason and go for 2 1/2.
49ers keys to attack:

Get frank running behind jumbo sets and start wearing out packer defense early. Frank must get rolling early. Power running. Dominate the line.

Don't ask kap to do too much too early. Ball security and easy reads for the first few possessions. Green Bay is going to try and confuse him with looks like St. Louis did.

Pick a kicker already. We're gonna need one if we stall out in red zone. I don't trust either kicker so just flip a coin already. Just don't choose Akers. Or cundiff.
Originally posted by verb1der:
Soften em up with the run, then sting them with the pass, then make them quit.

Gire!!!!! Lots and lots of gire!!!!
Gore and Crabs
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Smother their offense to submission.
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quick hits to VD,Crabs and Delanie.. Roman has to back Charles Woodson up from the line of scrimmage. If not, he will be harassing Gore in the back field
With shanks... we will attack them with shanks.

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Time of possession. Keep Aaron off the field.
Originally posted by Snider8706:
Gire!!!!! Lots and lots of gire!!!!

And Kendall... I mean LMJ.
keep rodgers off the field
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Pressure Rodgers without having to blitz the 5th guy. If we can't do that - our defense will have a long day. Control the game...but we haven't been doing that lately. Either it's a quick 3 and out or we score in 2-3 plays.

We really need to be able to run the ball.
I'm so pumped for this game, I'm about to run through a wall! We gonna win GB b***hes!!!





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