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Lamicheal James lacklusterness....

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anthony dixon tore s**t up a couple years in a row in look at him

Dixon wasn't a 2nd rd. pick though

Don't think that has anything to do with what he's saying.

You can't expect to much from 6th rder what he is trying to insinuate is that just because you produce in preseason it doesn't mean jack, i know his exact perspective. When we are talking about a player Like James, he so dam electrifying that I guess my expectations were to high for the 1st 2 games

That's not what I'm trying to insinuate. My basic point is that you can't predict things based on PRESEASON. So relax, take a chill pill and wait and see how LMJ performs throughout the regular season.
The saddest thing about this thread is the assumption that LMJ is full of himself and is just getting by on ability.

Follow him on Twitter. Super-nice, warm, kind, generous person.

This thread is so full of b******t. Just awful.
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It's extremely early BUT who else is "prematurely" bummed about what they are observing so far when it comes to James. First and formost his frame is discouraging, he seems like a boy amongst men out there to say the least.

Even though its only the 2nd preseason game and he is getting very limited touches, the quickness from college just doesnt seem like it's going to translate to the NFL that easyly. His vison and patience is starting to concern/irritate me.

I loved the pick and still do and I think eventually he will be fine once the game slows down for him,but I have learned 1 thing when it comes to these ROOKS and playing the RB position YOU EITHER GOT IT OR YOU DONT SORT OF LIKE THE QB POSITION!!! When Hunter was drafted you can see the minute he stepped on the field, the vision, incredible explosion and patience. Do you guys remember when he broke for the 50+ yard TD when we played the Faiders in preseason?

Unlike humbling Kendal Hunter, I think LaMicheal James is full of himself and that is playing a part in his unimpressive preseason campaign thus far. Reality is starting to hit him, that in the NFL you will not get by solely on potential and talent!

P.S. Why the hell is Cartwright getting more carries then James anyway? Isn't Cartwright suppose to be just a "special team ace" replacing Constanzo?


I personally am of the opinion that James won't be a bigtime factor until 2013 when he really has a bigger grasp on the offense/his role. That said, the thought process for my reasoning has NOTHING to do with how he's looked in preseason. He could have looked like Barry Sanders out there and I still would have thought that, just like a player I think will be amazing could look awful in preseason and it won't effect how I think they will do when the games matter. There have been too many players/teams that look incredible in the preseason and then flame out (Dixon, Clayton jump to mind) and vice versa to put any stock in the preseason.
So far, averaging almost 5 yards a carry as a RB and is just average as a KR. He doesn't need to be exceptional at either at this point because of the talent in front of him. Give this kid a year to build up his strength and get used to the pro game and we will see more of the special player we saw at Oregon. Not worried yet......
Trade him to New England for Tom Brady

He hasn't even played an effing game yet. Eff preseason. GTFO
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Sick of noob threads
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Trade him to New England for Tom Brady

^ this
Originally posted by NickSh49:
This confirms you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

I disagree, the point is maturity and that will take La - James some more time.
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he needs a coach that actually knows the position

Yes cause Rathman has no idea what he's doing, Say it to his face! Were deep at running back, Gore starts, Hunter will rotate, Brandon for short. All those guys have been in the league longer, and know how to pick up the blitz, Rookie could make a mistake and we could loose alex because of that.
Besides, keeps the wheels fresh, and gives him time to learn the game, and gore wont be around to much longer.

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Hate to say I told you so. Waste of draft pick
Originally posted by Axl49:
Hate to say I told you so. Waste of draft pick

When someone says "hate to say I told you so" they really mean "haha, I was right!"

And it's a bit early to jump on your high horse.
Lets just give him a year
Folks calling it a waste of a draft pick already. Can we at least wait til he fails
I just hope he's not returning kicks or punts in the regular season.
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