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Stock Up or Down? Updated through all 4 games

Fully updated with all 4 games in

Feel free to replay and say stock up, down or flat to as many players as you want.

***AFTER GAME 1***

Rock Cartwright - Looked good running the ball... he did in Washington years ago as well. Can he play still play FB (2nd/3rd back) because if he can he fully eliminates Anthony Dixon.

Eric Bakhtiari - Had the 2 sacks but he will be 28 before the season ends. Might have a shot at 4th OLB going against Cam Johnson and Kourtnei Brown but maybe his age hurts him. He's been a journeyman. Edit: Also, had 2 missed sacks on Webb but he is tough to bring down.

Demarcus Dobbs - Not sure what he did at TE but honestly I forget that and make him a backup DE full time. The guy should make the cut and maybe get increased playing time down the road. Played really well at DE and left off where he did last pre season.

Perrish Cox - Bad throw by QB but he did what he had to do and ints stick out.

UDFA's WRs - Minus a wide open drop by Palmer (or was it 2 drops?) they all looked good. I would say Owusu looks like the best of the bunch. All of these guys are fighting up hill battles for the 6th WR spot. Hopefully they can slip onto the PS without another team stealing them.

Scott Tolzien - If he keeps playing like this it will be hard to cut him. Good pocket passer and do we really want to keep two running QBs in Kap and Johnson? Not sure we need two of the same guys. Showed great poise and leadership out there. Tougher tests are a ahead though.

Colin Kaepernick - The run was more bad defense than anything but still impressive. Kaepernick has to be able to get rid of the ball and for god sakes can we quicken his release? Like Johnson has to learn to be a pocket passer as well. Can't have our OC calling roll outs every play. Still either way much better than last year already.

Konrad Reuland - If we do keep a 3rd TE Reuland has great hands and size. Byham didn't play and unfortunately because of his injury he is behind the 8 ball. Celek had a nice catch but again he will have to do a lot ot unseat Reuland if we keep 3 te's. I'm beginning to think with all our guys who can come in as extra blockers (extra T's, Leonard Davis, Dobbs, Tukuafa, Sopoaga, etc) we might not go with 3 TEs.

Brandon Jacobs - Again snap judgement and early but Jacobs converted 4/4 on short yardage. Granted the line did well. Seems like he is somewhat back to his old self. Plus he had a nice big run which any of those this year will be icing on the cake.

Alex Boone - After re-watching the game he mauled out there. No issues in pass protection. Hopefully our RG of the future is in place. Might mean we need to get a backup tackle after this year if Leonard Davis beats out Person for one of the last spots.

Kendall Hunter - His blocking looked good, he's ready to go. This guy will get more and more carries and will eventually take over for Gore.

LaMichael James - Showed some great agility on runs... still really early but was so so for returns. Took a bunch out that were 9 yards deep but can't blame him for wanting to showcase himself.

Josh Johnson - Didn't get to throw a whole lot. Shows great speed and arm strength but it comes down to accuracy and being able to make reads and be able to throw in the pocket. You can't be on the run the whole time.

AJ Jenkins - Guy shows potential and had a nice catch. Just has to get rid of the gitters and catch those 2 balls. Soon to go up.
Anthony Dixon - Looked decent running the ball (better than all of last year) but the way Rock ran the ball Dixon might be the 6th RB and at FB what can he do that Sopoaga/Tukuafa couldn't do as a backup? Odds are stacked against him but I do think if he doesn't make it he can go play and contribute for another team (wouldn't be surprised if it was the Rams/Seattle).

Mike Person - Gave up the sack that allowed the defender to hit Tolzien as he threw and cause an INT in the red zone. With Leonard Davis looking good he might take one of the last OL spots from Person. However, we don't have much depth at T besides Boone who will probably be the full time RG so we probably don't want to shift him around once he gets comfortable. I think next year in the draft we might have to look for a 3rd T.

***AFTER GAME 2***

Kendall Hunter - Every game this guy proves more and more he is our future after Gore. He has moved up to our 3rd best offensive player after Gore and Vernon. If Jacobs is out for awhile I give Hunter a shot at short yardage back. For being so small he runs big... keeps his legs churning and he's got great vision.

Demarcus Dobbs - Played OLB in this game due to injuries. He's just raising his stock. TE/DE/OLB/ST not bad for an UDFA. He seems to be blocking well. He's giving the staff a good case into only keeping 2 TEs. Now we just have to see him catch some balls. Reuland is going to fight him to the bitter end though.

Eric Bahktiari - Didn't get the sacks but he held the edge, caused a holding penalty, just played solid. With Rowe not getting much playing time, Cam Johnson injured and Kourtnei Brown missing a tackle in the backfield that led to a 20 yard run it wasn't hard for his stock to skyrocket.

AJ Jenkins - Beautiful route and catch on a nice throw from Josh Johnson for 34 yards. Ran a nice route on the play after and had a TD but Johnson overthrew him. Also was open like 40 yards down field but was overthrown again on the next series.

Colin Kaepernick - Not that he did bad but his long wind up is just asking for pick 6 throws in the flats. He seemed a bit better in the pocket but he was late on a lot of throws. Put his running ability aside because we know what he can do with his legs. I trust Harbaugh and he knows QBs but I am still surprised he never fixed Colin's delivery. He's tightened it up some but still could be better. I think it's clear if Colin had to start in a regular season game we would see a lot of option. He had some drops and some risky throws but all in all it was a pretty good game. He played the best out of the FLAT guys and he wasn't too far from stock up.

LaMichael James - As a return man his stock is way down. Dropped punt... also went backwards on a punt. He's ok on kickoffs. I hope he will offer more as he gets more experienced. As a runner I thought he was decent. He definitely knows how to sell those option fakes. If you watch one of the Texans dlineman chase him down when he didn't have the ball. It looked like he did. Probably goes back to his Oregon days. It's early but I thought he would light it up from the get go but he should get better.

Tramaine Brock - Had a long PI penalty, was in on Johnson's long catch early on although he had his hand in there... had a good special teams tackle and a pass breakup. Also, had a nice tackle in the backfield in the open against Foster. Cox didn't play so Brock had a chance to improve on the competition for the #4 spot. Not sure he did that.

Josh Johnson - Had a nice throw to Jenkins down the sidelines but also overthrew Jenkins twice on two plays he had potential TDs on. Also, threw behind Jenkins on a 3rd down.

Rock Cartwright and Anthony Dixon - Neither did much to separate themselves this game. Cartwright didnt have the holes like last week but did decent running the ball. Anthony had a nice catch for a 1st down and a nice run for a 1st on a 4th and short but also got stopped on a 4th and short (maybe not his fault).

Joe Holland - 1 sack, 1 tackle at LOS. He's fighting for PS at best though. Was a big reason Holliday got the return TD though.

UDFA WRs - None of them really got a chance to shine. Tyms had 2 catches I think, Owusu 1, 0 for Palmer. I think it's safe to say we go with 6 WRs and Williams will be the last one. Maybe if they stay under the radar they can make it through the season on the PS and have a chance at being on the roster next year.
Cam Johnson - Hasn't practiced much and now has missed the 1st 2 pre-season games. However, I think the team knew they got him so late because of an injury issue. His stock is going down but they might see enough potential to put him on PUP or IR or keep him around. With 2 games left odds are against him making the team on something besides an injury list.

Jewel Hampton - Has been missing practice and has now missed the 1st 2 pre-season games. The once potential practice squad candidate is looking at an uphill battle. Even though he won't have much competition if the 49ers keep 1 RB on the PS they could go with no RB and give the spot to a more proven player/position.

Kenny Wiggins - Two holds against him. I don't care how well you block 20 yards worth of holds will negate that and really stand out.

***AFTER GAME 3***


Kyle Williams - A really nice 46 yard catch and run... a tackle on special teams near the goal line and also looked pretty good on punt returns. He is playing hard out there.

Will Tukuafu - Sack and Forced Fumble.. might put him over the top and cement a spot. Playing 2nd string FB... two really nice lead blocks for Dixon but one bad wiff on a rusher where he could have given up a sack.

Perrish Cox - Another INT.... for sure the #4 CB with a chance to climb in the future. Possibly fighting with Culliver for #3 down the road or a future 1 or 2.

Konrad Reuland - Dobbs seems to be doing well blocking but I am just not sure we can have a 3rd TE who isn't a threat at WR. Granted it's early but does Dobbs have the speed to get open. I know the offense wasn't using all the weapons but I think we will need Reulands catching ability this year. Although, we did go with Peele who didn't catch more than 3-5 balls last year though. Nice catch on a Colin scramble. Did have a drop.

Anthony Dixon - Showed great patience on the TD. A few other nice runs. He won't go down without a fight. He just might sneak in over Rock. He is making it a tougher choice than it was 1 week ago. Cartwright says not so fast with a 29 yard run. And a lot depends on the OL but both had their share of runs that they got stopped at the line but both has a few nice runs although Dixon had a few more.

Kapernick - Had a overthrow early... the 2nd one was probably because swain was held. Looks better in the pocket but 2nd string OL doing well (until end of 3rd Q goal line) and giving him time to throw in the pocket. Had a nice escape on a missed block by Tukuafu and turned it into a 1st down throw on the sidelines to Reuland.

AJ Jenkins - Showed his speed on a reverse that should have got nothing. Nice catch in the red zone. Also, had beaten his man and was overthrown by Kap deep down the field.

Practice Squad - Tony Jerod-Eddie, Michael Wilhote/Joe Holland, Kenny Rowe all upped their stock for the practice squad. Jerod-Eddie with a batted ball on 3rd down... Rowe with a nice stop in the backfield and a nice sack, Wilhote doing a good job of holding the middle. Holland showing some nice speed on a few rushes where he got pressure.


Tramaine Brock - Just doesn't seem like the player he was before getting hurt last year. Granted he was covering Decker who could be a star in this league soon. A bad missed tackle in the open that led to a long run. Gave up a TD, almost another but it was dropped. He might be playing himself off the team if we had someone else to take over at 5. Maybe Nelms but I rarely see that guy out there. We definitely need to look for an upgrade next year at 5 or overall.

***AFTER GAME 4***

Colin Kaepernick - Showed patience on waiting for coverage man to come at him... then dump it off for nice game (did that last week to dixon as well)... looking more comfortable in pocket... really nice throw to Delanie, Miller, Celek and then 1 drop by Swain. Great job buying time on td throw to Jenkins. Best he has looked yet!!! nice run deep in our own territory on 3rd and 2 where he should have been sacked in backfield

Darcel McBath - nice int in the red zone, bated Rivers into INT!!!

Delanie Walker - beautiful td run after catch, good to have him back

Will Tukuafu at FB - a few really nice lead blocks... could he be the replacement for short yardage FB or emergency FB if Sopoaga leaves after this year... could even play a bit of FB this year even

Trent Robinson - fumble recovery and return... he's starting to look better out there... sticking his nose in on runs as well... gave up long pass to gates though...

CJ Spillman - got beat by gates but nice strip.. gave up a few catches though... I think robinson might be closing gap on him though.. I feel better about Spillman and Robinson than I did before the pre-season started.

Eric Bakhtiari - Did a good job tackling in open space and setting the edge. Has a little bit of speed and pass rush ability. Might not get much time if he is the 4th olb but we will need him at some point.

AJ Jenkins - Nice run on reverse, nice catch running across the middle.... he continues to show his quickness. Also, with his 1st Td catch... good job of sitting down in open. Another 19 yard catch and a catch before half time to get us into fg position. His best game yet, showcasing what he can bring to the table maybe even this year.

Tavares Gooden - Sack and some nice tackles in the backfield.... he and Grant are both FAs next year so he will have to prove his worth... who knows he could be #3 ILB next year if Grant leaves.

Brett Swain - Too bad we don't have a spot for him and he isn't practice squad eligible. He probably has played well enough to make another team's 53 man roster.

Nathan Palmer - Saying not so fast with a 50+ yard td catch... it's going to be tough cutting these guys but he should be a PS guy if he doesn't get claimed by another team.

Garrett Celek - Nice touchdown and another long catch but he wasn't that good the other 3 games. Wonder if we keep him on PS.... plenty of other good players to not keep a TE

PS guys - Tony Jerod-Eddie, Alama-Francis (alhough dont think he is PS eligible), Masifilio, Whiloite, Holland, etc the entire 2nd and 3rd string defense brought a ton of pressure... might have been SD's OL or a bit of both. Anthony Mosley and Brock also looked good... Brock might have saved his job

Cam Johnson - Showing he needs to get some more strength but I like his size.

LaMichael James - Clearly not ready to return punts. He seems nervous, shaky.... not as explosive as I expected he would be this pre season but it's early and he didnt get as much practice with graduation being late. Once he gets more comfortable you will see more explosion.
Colin Jones - INT for McBath, forced fumble by Spillman, FR and nice return by Robinson... Had opportunity to hit PR right at catch but missed tackle.. seems like there might not be a spot for him. Good st guy but he doesn't even get time at S and you guys know how much we like guys who can't play more than 1 spot

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Any assessments on Boone? I know Davis was mauling people but couldn't get a read on Boone. Good assessments!
Originally posted by NCommand:
Any assessments on Boone? I know Davis was mauling people but couldn't get a read on Boone. Good assessments!

didnt notice anything wrong with first team o line

but jared allen didnt play
Originally posted by NCommand:
Any assessments on Boone? I know Davis was mauling people but couldn't get a read on Boone. Good assessments!

Yep, 1st looked good run blocking... good pass blocking (were they still out there with Kap?) because it started to fall apart a bit. I think 2nd team OL struggle a bit. Was it Person who gave up the hit on Tolzien (seen that coming) that lead to the INT? Leonard Davis for short yardage might take a guy like Persons spot but we might have to look into a backup tackle next year. Maybe when it comes on in an hour and 15 minutes I will have to watch Boone, Kilgore and the line more.

Edit: Let me add Kyle Williams in there. I know a lot of you hate him for the NFCCG and I don't blame you he made 1 of the biggest bonehead plays we've seen but putting that aside the guy has SERIOUS return abilities. If he can hold onto the ball he would be our starter if we didn't have one of the better return men in the league. Didn't get a chance to show him self at WR but granted he can never fumble again I would be ok with having him at returner.
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Originally posted by NCommand:
Any assessments on Boone? I know Davis was mauling people but couldn't get a read on Boone. Good assessments!

from Mike Sando "New right guard Alex Boone caught my attention with aggressive blocking in the run game."
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good ideas on the stock up/down thread. Just to clarify some of what you said and add my own 2 cents.

Boone was a mauler on that 1st series - While I think the fact that it was Cartwright running caught their D off guard but our O-Line looked a ton better then expected.

Bakhtari - His practice squad eligibility is expired. This is pretty much his final shot unless he catches on the final 53 here or somewhere else.

Reuland / TEs in general - Byham sat out due to injury, Reuland looked great for a #3 TE and Celek had a few moments in the sun so to speak, had a great catch over the middle from Tolzien.

Then my take on Williams - I was only listening with 1 earbud on my laptop while watching a movie but it sounded like the fans cheered for KW when he was back waiting for the ball to be snapped. Really glad that we kept it classy even if a lot of the fans are still bitter, then to just make it a little better he did have a couple of solid returns.
^Thanks for the info... so Bakhtiari was at OLB then correct? I had a pretty pixelated stream at times. Did Cam Johnson play because there is an open spot at 4th OLB.
STOCK Bruce Miller - His lead blocking on the first drive was outstanding . . . and he was constantly around the ball on special teams.
Watching the replay now I know why I didn't know Cam, Will, Nate, etc, etc weren't active... my stream cut out when the new sideline guy was reporting it... just heard him say will and pronounce tukuafa wrong.
The stock for the whole team is up. Compare this to N.O. last year. We were thinking "oh no, here we go again".

Tonight we were thinking "oh yeah, here we go again".

Originally posted by OldJoe:
The stock for the whole team is up. Compare this to N.O. last year. We were thinking "oh no, here we go again".

Tonight we were thinking "oh yeah, here we go again".

Good point and I know it's pre-season but on the road at Houston will be much tougher than at home against the Vikings. There are some things to clean up.
"Tony Montana" - stock down
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
STOCK Bruce Miller - His lead blocking on the first drive was outstanding . . . and he was constantly around the ball on special teams.

Rewatching and Miller and Boone definitely are mauling out there. AD as well but that's his forte.
Originally posted by ManBearPig:
"Tony Montana" - stock down

Well they probably won't start dancing until the regular season but yeah it's not the same without Blake. Plus no Akers so I'll wait to judge if that is played out or not.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Any assessments on Boone? I know Davis was mauling people but couldn't get a read on Boone. Good assessments!

Boone looked excellent. He is just as good at guard as he is at tackle.
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