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Punt Return Duties?

Punt Return Duties?

Originally posted by jimrat:
LOL who the hell voted Kyle Williams


Ginn all damn day
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Originally posted by btthepunk:
Obviously Ted Ginn will be the primary PR and KR. James will get some opportunities and we may see Jenkins and Williams do it in the preseason a bit to see what they can do.
Didn't Kendall Hunter get some time on returns last season? Was that just kickoffs?

1st depth chart is out.

PR: 19-Ted Ginn, 10-Kyle Williams, 23-LaMichael James
KOR: 19-Ted Ginn, 32-Kendall Hunter, 23-LaMichael James

Teddy will be #1 in both like usual but KW will be next man up for PRs, and same for Hunter on KR like it was last season. James being listed as #3 for both PR and KR can be interpreted a few different ways but the way in comes across to me is that Ginn needs to really blow it up this year on ST as well as offense or we'll ket him walk in favor of James becoming the primary, all of this provided he develops into a quality return man.

What is interesting to me is to not see Perrish Cox listed on PR duties at all, coaching staff must be really confident in James' development and/or potential.
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LaTeddy Jenkins
Vinnie Sutherland, Arnaz Battle, The Beer Man, and many other forgettable's. Ted Ginn is the best return man I can remember since............
Ginn is already one of the best in the league who would choose anyone else
a better question:
Who should get backup returner duties?

we all know Ginn is 1.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by Psinex:
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
I'd rather see Joe Staley back there than Kyle Williams.

I hear Kentwan Balmer is available. He has better hands than Kyle Williams.

Other than those two blunders in the NFC Championship game...kyle williams does a really good job for us in the return game.

Though to answer the question, it's obviously ted ginn, no debate.

That's like saying, "other than the bullet hole in my head, I'm fine."
Originally posted by DirtyP:
Ginn is already one of the best in the league who would choose anyone else

Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Originally posted by susweel:


Most idiotic thing I have ever seen.

as long as Ginn is on the team, it's his job. That's really all he's good for, but he's damn good at it.
Stick with a winner - Ginn by a mile
1. KW 2. Ted Ginn 3. LMJ
I would say, it may not be a bad idea to split the duties, so that at least if Ginn gets injured again, we could definitely use some depth at that position.
i wouldnt mind KW returning if those mistakes are fixed

he is explosive and fast
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