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Your 3 2012 breakout players



Originally posted by THEMerts80:
Look for Culliver to cover the Jimmy Grams and the Gronks this year and Cox to become WR nickel... Fast moving coverage is needed more often when your sending more blitzers

I expect to see Willis stick with the TEs again this year.
I don't want to get ahead of myself, but you could make an argument for just about everyone on the team.

For me...

-Ray McDonald will get some Pro Bowl recognition.

-T. Brown will also be on the PRo Bowl fringe.

-Alex. This ones hard for me. With all the weapons on offense now, even if he stays really conservative, his numbers will improve and get him out of the "manager" hole. Most fans and even many analysts seem to base guys on their fantasy stat line and Alex will gain some respect in that regard.

LaMichael and Boone will make the front office look very smart, which is good because A.J. Jenkins will barely see the field. On the other hand, Snyder will show how foolish Arizona's management is.
Alex smith - breaks the 4k mark for the first time
Mike crabtree
D. Walker
D Walker
P Cox
A Davis
Glad so many of you have listed Alex (#11). I totally agree. He started two years at Utah; his first year, the team lost two games -he played well under U. Meyer - his production was good, maybe not lights out but good (kind of like last season . . . .)

His second year, he had total control of the offense, threw the ball all over the field, most games were over at half time. First team all american - Fiesta Bowl win. He was unstoppable.

His second year under Harbuagh will be huge - I think he makes a big step. more 300 yard games, 4000+. QBR 95+ . . . . my thoughts.

my three:

Kendall Hunter
La Michael ends up with most receptions, most 3rd down conversions, most YAC, most 3rd down conversions in rZ, and is alex's #1 bailout guy

#2 has to be alex is LaMichael does as above.

#3 is AJ, who pulls a Miss. Valley State trick, where he is stone hands for half a season at least then looks like 2nd coming of GOAT, #80
1. M. Crabtree
2. T. Brown
3. Alex Smith

In that order
The entire squad is going to make the pro bowl, so it's tough to choose. But three really stand out. They stand out so much they will earn induction into the Hall of Fame after this season (on the basis of a single season).

1) Culliver
2) Boone
3) Brooks
Brooks, Brown and Crabtree

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maybe not breakout players, but i bet a few positive threads get started about these UDFA's during camp
Aldon= 25 sacks
Alex=. 32 TDs 7 Ints
Crabtree= 1300 yards.
As usual whoever is in their contract year.
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Culliver definitely flashed potential for sure.
As a WR I think Kyle Williams has shown some good things
I think Boone can do some good things
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